Isle of Wight Council

Council Tax

Energy Rebate

The government have announced a package of support to help households with rising bills.

This includes:

  • a £150 non-repayable council tax rebate for bands A-D
  • a discretionary scheme for low-income households in band E-H
  • a non-repayable credit added to your energy account over 6 months starting from October 2022

Council tax rebate for bands A-D

A £150 rebate will be provided to you if:

  • you pay for council tax in a band A-D property
  • if you would normally pay but the property is exempt

The rebate will be paid by us and you will not be required to pay it back.

Pay by direct debit

If you pay your council tax by direct debit you do not need to do anything. We will arrange for your rebate to be paid automatically. This will be completed when we have set up the process.

Pay by other method

If you do not pay by direct debit we will send you a letter with a code. This code will be needed to apply for your rebate. You will also need your bank details and council tax reference number.

Apply for energy rebate


Discretionary scheme

The Government has announced that we are required to set up a scheme to help you if you do not meet the eligibility criteria for the mandatory Council Tax Energy Rebate scheme. This scheme will be called the Discretionary Energy Rebate scheme. It will be delivered in two phases.

Phase one

This will be delivered between 4 July 2022 and 2 September 2022. Eligible applicants will receive a non-repayable payment of £150 to help households with rising energy prices. The eligibility criteria for this phase are as follows:

    A. People liable for council tax in bands E to H properties, and in receipt of Local Council Tax Support.

If you fall in category A, you are not required to complete the application form below. The team will contact you separately about your payment. You may be sent a letter asking you to complete an application with an online code. If so, you need to use the energy bills rebate portal

    B. People liable for council tax in bands E to H properties, and in receipt of housing benefit or universal credit. 

    C. People not liable for council tax, but liable for rent, and in receipt of housing benefit or universal credit. 

    D. People liable for council tax in bands A to D properties, and moved into their address after 1 April 2022.

If you fall in categories B to D, you need to apply below. You will be required to upload evidence of your bank statement which shows your name, bank account and sort code details. You may also be required to upload proof of your rent if applying under category C. If you do not upload evidence at the time of submitting your application, this could delay your application being processed and the payment being made.

The payment should be shared with other household members at the property if they are responsible for energy payments.

Apply for discretionary rebate


Phase two

Details of this phase will be announced following the closure of Phase one.

Incorrect claims

If we make payment to you but then find out that you were not entitled to the payment, you will need to pay it back.

Discount loan

A £200 energy bill discount loan will be applied on all domestic electricity autumn bills. This will automatically be applied by your energy provider.

You will pay back the discount loan over five years. It will be split into equal instalments from 2023-24.

Further help with living costs

A fuller explanation of how the government is helping with the cost of living is available in their energy bill and cost of living factsheets.