Isle of Wight Council

Council Tax

Council Tax Paperless Billing

You can now receive your Council Tax bill by email.

Application Process

  • To receive your bill by email please complete our online application form

  • You must also register and sign up to the Councils ‘My Account’.  Once registered your ‘My Account’ will show what addresses are registered and the email address the bill will be sent to.

Receiving your Council Tax bill by email.

When you have completed your online application form to receive your bill by email we will activate it on your Council Tax account and you will receive confirmation by email.

Further information

  • You can only receive a paperless bill for accounts where you are liable to pay Council Tax (named on the bill). 
  • Requests to register on behalf of a third party will not be accepted.
  • If more than one person is named on your bill, once registered for paperless billing, a paper bill will no longer be posted. You must get the permission of each person before you register. 
  • If the other parties also wish to receive a bill by email, each party will need to register separately for this service.   

Opt-out of this service 

You can also opt-out of this service at any time. Requests to cancel paperless billing are required to be made via your ‘My Account’.


To view the Council Tax paperless billing declaration. (PDF, 193KB, 1page).