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Bandings and Appeals

Valuation List Administration

Council tax is based on the valuation of the property as at 1 April 1991. Each property has been placed in one of eight bands by the Valuation Office Agency, which is part of HM Revenues and Customs, not the Isle of Wight Council.

The Isle of Wight Council does not value properties and so cannot deal with any proposals against banding. Any changes in the value of properties due to fluctuations in the housing market will not be a reason for changing your council tax band.

Making a proposal does not allow you to withhold payment of your Council Tax. If your proposal is successful you will be refunded any money you have overpaid.

Any proposal must be made within six months of you becoming the responsible person for council tax at your property; however the Valuation Office may consider late applications.

Go to the Valuation Office website for more information:

The charge for each band is calculated as a multiple of the band D amount.

Band       Property Value on 1st April 1991

  A            Up to £40,000

  B            £40,000 to £52,000

  C            £52,001 to £68,000

  D            £68,001 to £88,000

  E            £88,001 to £120,000

  F            £120,001 to £160,000

  G            £160,001 to £320,000

  H            £320,001 and above

For further information regarding Council Tax bands Please click here

To find out your property band and charge please click here

To view Council Tax charges by area, please click here

Banding Proposals


If you are responsible for paying the council tax, or an agent acting on behalf of someone who is, you may make a formal proposal against your council tax band.

If you disagree with your council tax band, you may be able to make an appeal to the Valuation Office Agency.  Your Council Tax bill should be paid as normal at the existing band whilst an appeal is being dealt with.

The circumstances you can make a formal proposal are very limited but if you have a genuine concern that your home may be in the wrong band, you should contact your local Valuation Office and ask to have your band reviewed.

A proposal against the property banding must be made in writing to the council tax listing officer at:

Listing Officer,
Council Tax West, Valuation Office Agency, Overline House, Blechynden Terrace, Southampton, SO15 1GW.

Telephone: 03000 501501

Fax:03000 504370


For more information on how to appeal your Council Tax band please click here 

Other appeals

If you think your Council Tax bill is wrong, tell us immediately for example if:

  • You have been billed for council tax but do not believe you are responsible for paying the tax as you do not fall into one of the owner/occupier categories;
  • You have claimed a discount or exemption and this has been refused;
  • You think any item on your bill has been calculated incorrectly.


To appeal about these matters, please mark your letter or email “APPEAL”.  For information on how to contact us please click here

The Council Tax department will review your case an issue a response in writing or by email. If you disagree with the decision, you may apply to a tribunal to hear your appeal. The Valuation Tribunal is an independent legal body.

Certain time limits apply and more details can be found at

If you appeal, you must continue to pay your council tax until your appeal is decided.

If your appeal succeeds any overpaid council tax will be repaid.