Housing Benefit - Entitlement


Making an appeal

If we do not change our decision you may appeal to an independent tribunal.  The appeal must be signed by you and submitted to us in writing to the address found in the 'Contact' tab above.  Any appeal must be received within one month of the decision notice or the date specified on the Statement of Reasons. 

We will look again at the decision and change it if we think it is incorrect.  If we think it is correct, we will write a submission saying why we think the decision is correct and send the submission with your appeal to the Tribunal Service.  They will decide the matter at a tribunal hearing, which is made up of people who are not from the Local Authority. At the same time we will send you all the documents relating to your appeal.

When the Tribunal Service receive the documents relating to your appeal it will send you a form called a Pre-Hearing Enquiry form.  This form asks you some questions such as whether you want an oral hearing (where you can attend) and if there are any dates on which you cannot attend.  You must fill in this form and return it to the Tribunal Service within 14 days of the date they send it to you.  If you do not, the Tribunal Service may bring your appeal to an end.

  • If you wish to appeal against the benefit decision, please click here for further information (PDF, 191KB, 8 pages).