Housing Benefit - Entitlement

Your Benefit Entitlement


The Christmas Housing Benefit payment arrangements are being scheduled as follows:

The claimant scheduled two weekly in arrears payments which covers 16 December to 29 December 2019 will be paid into bank accounts on the due date being 30 December 2019.

The claimant scheduled four weekly in arrears payment which covers 2 December 2019 to 29 December will be paid into back accounts on the due date being 30 December 2019. 

Once your entitlement to Housing Benefit and Local Council Tax Support has been calculated, you will receive your award notification by post. For information on how your claim has been calculated, please see the ‘How is my benefit calculated’ section.

View our guide Understanding your benefit award notification. (PDF, 64KB, 2 pages).

Your notification award letter will advise you of when you will be due your Housing Benefit payment. View details of the scheduled Housing Benefit payment run for 2019/2020  (Word, 31KB, 2 pages).

Housing Benefit is normally paid two weeks in arrears to the tenant via their bank account, or four weekly in arrears if paid to the Landlord/Housing Association.

It is the Isle of Wight Council’s policy to pay all Housing Benefit into a bank account.  For more information on opening a basic bank account, please visit www.citizensadvice.org.uk.

For further information about the changes in circumstances you need to report.

Backdating a Claim

Your claim for Housing Benefit and or Local Council Tax Support may be backdated in some circumstances.  You must prove to the Council that there was continuous good cause for not having made an earlier claim.  However, the maximum time the Council can go back is 1 month for working age claimants and 3 months for pension age claimants from the date your claim for backdating was actually made.

You must show there was ‘good cause’ for not making an earlier claim throughout the whole of any period, for example each and every day you want backdated, up to the date your claim for backdating was made. 

Criteria for what is considered to be ‘good cause’

Backdating requests must be made in writing and should include a statement of reasons:

We will look at each case individually. ‘Good cause’ is a reason that prevented you from claiming benefit earlier. Good causes may include the following, depending on the circumstances:

  • You were ill and no-one else could claim for you.
  • You were given the wrong advice by an official organisation who said you were not entitled to housing benefit or local council tax support (or both). 
  • You did not claim immediately after leaving hospital, prison or long-term care (further information may be requested form you).
  • You were not able to manage your own affairs and had no-one to help you.
  • A close relative died.

These examples are only a guide to help you. They are not a full list of all possible reasons and may not be acceptable if not proven. If you forgot to claim, or did not know you could claim, this would not be a good reason on its own. To qualify for backdated benefit, you must be able to prove you had ‘good cause’ and why you did not claim earlier (supporting evidence may be required).