Housing Benefit - Guidance

Other People Who Live With You


Your Housing Benefit or Local Council Tax Support may be affected if you have non-dependants living in your household.

Non-dependants are any person aged 18 or over, for example, an adult son or daughter, a relative or even a friend who lives with you on a non-commercial basis.

A non-dependant does not include:

  • Dependant members of your family, i.e. a partner or child for whom you get Child Benefit.
  • Lodgers or boarders who live with you on a commercial basis.
  • Tenants or sub-tenants.
  • People who own part or all of your home, i.e. a joint owner.
  • Professional carers.

Non-dependant deductions

The government expects non-dependants to contribute towards the running expenses of the household, which includes rent and/or council tax.

Many householders receive money from their non-dependants to cover housekeeping costs. However, even if the non-dependant pays little or nothing a standard fixed sum deduction will still be made from the householder's Housing Benefit (HB) and /or Local Council Tax Support (LCTS).

These deductions are calculated on the non-dependant's gross income, so it is important to let us know of any changes in that person's income. If their income increases or decreases this may affect the deduction.

For a list of Non-Dependant deductions of Housing Benefit for 2019/20  please click here (PDF 204KB, 1 page)

For Non-Dependant deductions of Local Council Tax Support 2019/20 please click here (PDF 52KB, 1 page)

It is also important we are kept up to date with any other changes that occur regarding a non-dependant. You can do this by emailing us at housing.benefit@iow.gov.uk (please include your claim number if known).

When a non-dependant deduction is not made

Deductions are not made if you or your partner are:

  • Registered blind.
  • In receipt of Attendance Allowance.
  • Disability Living Allowance (DLA) - care component.
  • Personal Independence Payment (PIP) - daily living component.
  • In receipt of Armed Forces Independence Payments.

In addition no deduction is made if the non-dependant is:

  • Aged 25 or under (for Housing Benefit purposes) and receives one of the following; Jobseekers Allowance (income based), Income Support or Employment Support Allowance (Income Related). Please note there is no upper age limit for Council Tax Support in these circumstances.
  • Gets a work based training allowance.
  • Usually lives somewhere else.
  • Has been a hospital inpatient for more than six weeks.
  • Is a prisoner or otherwise detained.
  • Is in receipt of Pension Credits.
  • Is a student - specific rules apply.

Please contact us for further information by emailing us at housing.benefit@iow.gov.uk (please include your claim number if known).