Isle of Wight Council

Housing Benefit - Guidance

Benefit Cap

There is currently a benefit cap in place in England, Scotland and Wales restricting the amount of certain benefits that a working age household can receive. Any household receiving more than the cap has their housing benefit reduced to bring them back within the limit.

The cap is currently set at £20,000 per year (for couple or lone parent), or £13,400 per year (for a single claimant)  for those living outside London.

The online calculator and details of the benefits that will count towards the cap can be found on the website by clicking on this link.

A Department for Work and Pension helpline is also available, providing general information about the changes, support available and advice on how to find out about the benefits you receive. The helpline number is 0345 605 7064, it is open Monday to Friday from 8am to 6pm.

For further information relating to the introduction of the benefit cap, please visit the website by clicking here.