Isle of Wight Council

Housing Benefit - Local Housing Allowance (LHA)

Local Housing Allowance Information

From 7 April 2008 Local Housing Allowance (LHA) was introduced for some private tenant Housing Benefit claimants.

The Local Housing rates are set each April by the Rent Service which is part of Her Majesty’s Revenues and Customs Valuation Office.

We will review your LHA Rate every April in line with the revised annual levels provided by the Rent Service or if you have a change of circumstances that affect the number of bedrooms needed.  Please inform us immediately if there is a change in your household composition or if there are any other changes to your circumstances as this may affect your entitlement.

How much Local Housing Allowance you may receive depends on:

  • Area in which you live (the Isle of Wight is considered to be one area).
  • Size of the household - who lives with you.
  • A rate based on the number of bedrooms required by the household composition.
  • How much money you have coming in.
  • What savings you have.



 The Local Housing allowance scheme will not apply to all Housing Benefit claimants. 

There are however some exceptions which are: 

  • Registered Social Landlords (RSL) tenancies for example: Sovereign and Southern Housing Group.
  • Supported accommodation provided by the Local Authority and certain social landlords, charities and voluntary organisations.
  • Tenancies already excluded from current rent restrictions for example:  ongoing tenancies pre 1989.
  • Exceptional cases i.e. caravans, houseboats, mobile homes, hostels and Bed and Breakfast.
  • Where a substantial part of the rent is for board and attendance.

 For more information about Local Housing Allowance, please visit GOV.UK website - local-housing-allowance.