Housing Benefit - Local Housing Allowance (LHA)

Discounted Travel Scheme

The Isle of Wight Council has worked with the Island's Transport Infrastructure Board to encourage ferry operators to deliver a discounted travel scheme for Islanders who are on a low income.  It means mainland travel will be made easier for work, health and other key trips for those receiving housing benefit and/or local council tax support.

Under this scheme, each operator has its own fixed-priced discount for those eligible - covering foot passengers, cars and motorbikes.

These schemes are not funded or administered by the council and have been made available individually by the ferry operators.

Applications should be made directly to the ferry operators via their website (as indicated below ) and the council then automatically assesses eligibility. 

How to qualify

To qualify for the scheme you need to be in receipt of one of the benefits listed below and be resident on the Island:

  • Local Council Tax Support
  • Housing Benefit

Please note: You do not have to be the driver of the vehicle for the ticket to be valid as long as you are travelling in the vehicle.


How to register for the schemes

Wightlink and Red Funnel

Applicants should register with the ferry company they wish to travel with, via their website, and the council will automatically assess their eligibility. 

If approved they will receive a dedicated customer account and ID code and the discount will then be applied automatically each time they book.

A minimum of seven working days in advance of travel will be needed for eligibility checks to be processed.

More details about the scheme can be found at:



Those wishing to travel with Hovertravel can buy a discounted ticket at the Ryde terminal by showing a copy of their current council tax bill with evidence of local council tax support - or a copy of their current benefit notification letter; together with their photo ID.

More details can be found on the Hovertravel website 

If travelling with Hovertravel, click the links below to see examples of benefit proofs to be provided at the port


Please Note - It is important to take your photo ID with you every time you travel with any provider.

  • Photo ID can be Passport, Driving Licence, Bus Pass, Blue Badge, Student Card