Daily living aids

Many people are unaware that there is a huge amount of ‘daily living aids’ that are available to help make life easier. These are products are designed to make many everyday tasks that you find difficult much less of a burden, especially if your mobility is limited. Daily living aids are also known as ‘mobility aids’.  Daily living aids can really make life easier especially if you are living with:

  • a health condition
  • mobility problems
  • recovering from an operation
  • recuperating from an injury

Every day tasks that may prove to be difficult can include:

  • going to the toilet
  • taking a shower or bath
  • getting  dressed
  • getting in and out of your bed or chair
  • sitting comfortably
  • picking up small items from the floor

We can help you find the right daily living aid

The Community Equipment Service have a range of aids which are available to all Island residents.

You can loan the items for up to 12 weeks, free of charge.

The items you borrow can be collected from our warehouse in Newport, Monday to Friday from 9am until 3:30pm.

Apply to borrow daily living aids

If you would like to borrow any of our daily living aids for 12 weeks free of charge, please contact us by phoning 01983 528334

Daily living aids available to borrow for free

Daily living aid Description How the daily aid can help

Walking frames

A walking frame is a tool for people who need additional support to maintain balance or stability while walking.

A walking frame can physically support people to move around their home. Walking frames with wheels can help a person with their mobility outside of the home.

Toilet frames

Toilet surround frames are designed to fit around a toilet providing a hand-hold on either side.

The aids helps people to sit down or stand when using the toilet.

Bath boards

Bath boards may be removable or mounted to the wall beside the bath.

The aid provides people with a seated area over the bath which can provide a safer seated method of transfer in/out of the bath.

High back chairs

High back chairs are supportive sturdy chairs that support the head, neck and back.

High back chairs are higher than standard chairs. This is to make it easier for people to get up out of the chair and into a standing position easily.


A commode is a movable toilet that does not use running water. It looks like a chair with a toilet seat and has a bucket or container underneath. The container can be removed for cleaning after the commode is used.

This daily aid helps people when their mobility restricts them or they potentially may fall when travelling to the bathroom.  The commode can be placed near by the person and this means that the person can use the toilet safely without the fear of falling.


 A footstool is a low stool that elevate and support the persons feet.

Footstools can help a person who needs to raise their feet to help with circulatory conditions. Foot stools can also help people to safely get in and out of a chair, they are usually used by people who cannot reach the floor when sat in a chair.


Crutches are walking aids they have a soft bar across the top which is placed underneath the armpit. There are two metal rods underneath this bar, which extend downward. Near the bottom, this bar typically turns into a single pole that has a rubber end. A handle grip is usually located in the middle of the bar so the user can hold onto it. A patient has one crutch on each side of their body for support.

Crutches help people who have suffered an injury to one of their feet, knees, ankles, or legs. Basically, they are a long bar that an individual can lean on in order to avoid using the leg on the side of the body that is hurt. It transfers weight from the legs to the upper body and is often used by people who cannot use their legs to support their weight.

Shower stools 

Shower stools are waterproof seats that are suitable for use in the shower. They are a fixed height.

They help people who are unsteady when standing to sit down when using the shower.

Perching  stools 

Perching stools can be used in the kitchen and/or in the dry part of the bathroom. They have a padded angled seat within a metal frame.

This aid is a useful item for people who have a limited standing tolerance but may have to stand for a long time in order to carry out a task at home. It is used to carry out activities such as washing yourself at the sink or preparing a meal in the kitchen.

Leg lifters

A Leg Lifter is a helpful leg positioning aid.  The Leg Lifter has a hand loop at one end, and a larger foot loop at the other.

This aid allows a caregiver or user to easily lift a weak or casted leg.

Helping hands

This aid is also known as a 'Reacher or Grabber' tool. The helping hands daily aid has a single moving jaw that can be operated with ease by squeezing the trigger action from the handle.

This aid helps people to reach for things or pick up dropped items without straining .

Kitchen trolley

A kitchen trolley has a wipe clean shelf on a supportive frame that can be moved/ wheeled when transferring meals and other items around the home.

A kitchen trolley is a useful kitchen aid for anybody with reduced mobility who may struggle to carry plates or cups due to hand ailments such as weakened grip.


Daily living aids for purchase

If you discover that the daily living aid you are using is helping you to become more independent and makes daily tasks easier you have the option to buy the aid from us.

All of the aids we have available can be purchased. To request the current price list, please email ces@iow.gov.uk or you can call 01983 528334.