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Local Alcohol Action Area (LAAA) Programme

The Isle of Wight Community Safety Partnership has identified reducing alcohol related crime as a priority in their strategic plan and therefore applied to be part of the Local Alcohol Action Area (LAAA) Programme under the Government’s Modern Crime Prevention Strategy.

The first phase of the LAAA programme ran between 2014 and 2015 and involved 20 areas.  It gave local agencies the opportunity to develop solutions to alcohol-related problems that are specific to their area.  Those participating in the programme received support from Government, industry, and other local partners. Due to its success, a second round was introduced and following a successful application, the programme will run on the island from 2017 until January 2019.

The overall aims of the programme are to reduce alcohol related crime and harm. The aims for the programme on the island are:

  • Reduce the impact from people drinking in public places and causing antisocial behaviour.
  • Reduce alcohol related violent crime within the night time economy and improve the movement of people to ensure safety and prevent disorder.
  • Reduce and raise awareness of alcohol related domestic abuse and sexual violence.
  • Improve the collection, sharing and use of data between the Council, Police and NHS.
  • Reduce health and social problems arising from drinking too much alcohol.
  • Launch a Community Alcohol Partnership (CAP) on the island to reduce harm from young people drinking alcohol.
  • Create a more diverse and vibrant night time economy and attract a wider audience into the towns in the evening.


Further information about these aims are listed below:

Alcohol and antisocial behaviour

Police and Community Safety Officers have carried out engagement work to assist those with alcohol difficulties who drink in public and/or cause antisocial behaviour. The Designated Public Place Orders (DPPOs) are due to change to Public Spaces Protection Orders (PSPOs) following new legislation coming into force. These orders specify areas where drinking alcohol or other activities can be restricted to prevent antisocial behaviour.

Night Time Economy

The transport system in Newport was altered to prevent people having to wander through town to access public transport. This has assisted with preventing crime and disorder in the town late at night. Key partners are discussing the activities available in Newport and looking at ways to diversify. Having a range of activities happening after 5pm that attract a wide audience help promote safer communities and a thriving economy.

Domestic Abuse

Whilst alcohol is no excuse for unacceptable behaviour, it can exacerbate this very serious issue and research has found that cases involving severe violence are twice as likely to include alcohol. Part of the programme will be to raise awareness of domestic abuse. Further information can be found in the Domestic Abuse section of the Council’s website, click here to learn more.

Community Alcohol Partnership (CAP)

CAP is a national model that brings together key stakeholders to bring about valuable changes to promote healthy communities and reduce harm to young people. There are now 150 CAPs throughout the UK, whose work has produced outstanding impacts on:

  • Reducing crime.
  • Reducing anti-social behaviour.
  • Reducing litter.
  • Reducing underage/proxy purchasing.
  • Increasing residents' feelings of safety.

More information regarding CAPs can be found at their website:

A residents’ survey took place in December and the results indicated that launching a CAP in Ryde would be beneficial.  Information is now being gathered from the licensees of off-licences and the young people to identify any issues relating to alcohol and under 18s in Ryde; this information will be used to set objectives for the CAP and what work will be carried out. Such action could involve education, enforcement or increasing the activities available to young people in the area.

LAAA programme

For further information on LAAA programme, visit the website by clicking here or alternatively contact our Local Alcohol Action Area Project Officer (LAAA Project Officer), by clicking here and using the 'Send a Message' to service form. 

Meetings held in 2018

  • March 21 2018 Prevent Board
  • June 13 2018 This was not a public meeting, Agenda (PDF, 1 page, 180 KB) Minutes (PDF, 5 pages 282 KB)
  • September 26 2018 This was not a public meeting, Agenda (PDF, 1 page,  202.1 KB) Minutes (PDF, 4 Pages, 414KB)
  • December 5 2018 This was a meeting open for the public to attend and held at the Riverside centre, Newport, Agenda (PDF, 1 Page 93KB)  Presentations from the meeting:  CAB  (PDF, 5 pages, 595KB)  Age UK (PDF, 13 pages, 1.3MB)   IWASP (PDF, 14 pages, 719 KB)  YOT (PDF, 6 pages, 569KB)   Minutes  (PDF, 4 Pages, 402KB)

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