Public Health - Coronavirus (COVID-19) Recovery

Respect, Protect and Enjoy

COVID-19 Service Update:

From Thursday 31 December 2020, the Island will move into Tier 4, with stay at home restrictions.

The Government recommends that travelling to a Tier 4 area from a Tier 1, 2 or 3 area is not recommended.  Visit GOV.UK to learn more about Tier 4 travel restrictions

Island residents can view up to date COVID-19 information and guidance for the Isle of Wight, on the Keeping the Island Safe website

Plan your visit - Know before you go!

When planning your visit to the Isle of Wight, please read the latest Government advice about safer travel.

Plan your journey: 

  • Check the latest travel advice and allow for delays.
  • Plan your journey and travel off peak if you can.
  • Maintain your social distance.
  • Take hand sanitiser and face covering as well as any other essentials when you travel.
  • If you require assistance you should continue to request this as you normally would.
  • Use online or contactless payment where you can.
  • Be patient and follow instructions from transport staff.


On your journey:

In order to get to the Island, you will have to travel on a ferry either in a vehicle or on foot. However, you choose to travel, you will need to wear a face-covering as ferries are public transport. 

Please make sure to pack a face-covering for everyone in your group that can wear one, some exclusions apply please see government guidance on face-coverings .

  • Wear a face-covering on public transport (including ferries)
  • Maintain a social distance – measures are in place on all ferries to help you with this
  • Wash or sanitise your hand regularly
  • Use contactless payment if possible
  • Be patient and follow instructions from transport staff.


Once you arrive and for the duration of your visit 

Whether you’ve been to the Island before or this is your first visit, you’ll notice there are lots of measures in place to help to keep you safe.

Please drive safely, follow instructions at venues, stay alert and help to control the virus and protect the Island.

Please take your litter with you or dispose of it appropriately as this will help to contain the spread of the virus and also keep our Island environment looking its best for everyone to enjoy.

And please remember to:

  • Maintain your social distance.
  • Wash your hands regularly for at least 20 seconds.
  • Take hand sanitiser and face covering with you as well as any other essentials when enjoying the Island.

Please enjoy our Island – we do! Please do so safely.

If you fall ill while visiting the Island

  • If you start to experience symptoms of Coronavirus (COVID-19), please isolate immediately at your accommodation.

  • Inform your accommodation provider.

  • Get tested for Coronavirus immediately, call 119 or book a test online at 

  • If you feel well enough to travel home, please contact your ferry operator and inform them that you are visiting and have come down with Coronavirus symptoms.

  • If you feel too unwell to travel, call 111 to seek further medical advice.

Enjoy your visit. Respect and protect the Isle of Wight.

Guidance for businesses

Thank you for working with us to ensure that the Isle of Wight is Covid-secure.  

Please visit our covid-secure business web page where we you will discover  information, guidance, advice and toolkits to enable Island businesses to ensure that the Isle of Wight remains covid-secure.