Community Safety Services

Anti-Social Behaviour

Anti-social Behaviour (ASB) is defined as: 'Behaviour by a person which causes or is likely to cause harassment, alarm or distress to one or more persons not of the same household as the person.'
(Anti-social Behaviour Act 2003 and Police Reform and Social Responsibility Act 2011).

Types of anti-social behaviour

  • Flytipping.
  • Graffiti.
  • Abandoned cars.
  • Verbal or racial abuse.
  • Drug dealing or misuse.
  • Vandalism.
  • Act in a manner that causes harassment, distress or alarm to others.
  • Act in an intimidating manner as part of a large group.

The Community Safety Partners work together on the Island to reduce anti-social behaviour through a Joint Action group.

How to report anti-social behaviour

  1. Contact the Police 101.
  2. Contact the Council by using the 'Send a message to this service', this can be found in the 'Contact' tab above.
  3. In an emergency call 999.

How to report Hate Crime

  1. Call Police 101.
  2. Contact True Vision please click here  to visit the website.
  3. Download the Hampshire Constabulary hate crime app click here .
  4. Attend a Third party reporting centre at IOW Citizen's Advice Bureau click here
  5. Third party reporting centre for more information on local centres click here

Tools and further information

  • Victims and witnesses of persistent ASB are encouraged to keep a diary detailing as much information as possible, a sample diary can be downloaded here (PDF, 25KB, 3 pages).
  • The ASB Crime and Policing Act 2014 introduced new powers and tools to deal with ASB further information can be found here (PDF, 92KB, 3 pages).
  • Who to call to report ASB poster (updated 2018)  can be found here  (PDF, 959KB, 1 Page)