Adoption Support

Support for adopters


The needs of adoptive children and their families will change and evolve throughout the life of the adoption.

For this reason, our adoption service has made sure that we have a good range of support services available to our adoptive families.

Post-adoption support

We offer post-adoption support to parents who have adopted whether this was recent or sometime ago.

We respect the uniqueness of every family and we believe that asking for post-adoption support is not a sign of weakness, but is actually a sign of the strength of commitment that adopters have to their children. We appreciate that some families might find it hard to ask for post-adoption support; we always treat such requests with respect and sensitivity.

When a child is first placed

When children first start living in their new families, parents and children need time to get to know one another, find their routines, develop their relationships and get used to living as a family. Some new families need help with learning some of the practical skills and techniques of child care, while others benefit from advice and information on how to grow healthy bonds with their new children. Some families choose to adopt siblings, or they already have children and this can mean that families need specific help so that positive sibling relationships can develop.

We understand how important support is when children first start living in their new adoptive families. It is normal for new adoptive parents to feel a range of emotions at the same time; these can include excitement, nervousness, joy, worry and pride. Some adopters benefit from having the opportunity to talk about these, and while many people turn to their own friends and family for this, some adopters like to talk to professionals as well. Similarly, it is normal for children to have complex or confusing feelings at times and they may also find it helpful to have someone to talk to.

Some adopted children have additional needs as a result of having a disability or medical condition. In these situations some adopters need additional guidance on how to care for these children so we can signpost families to other specialist services in addition to what we offer.

When a child has been living with their family for some time

We understand that as children grow and develop, and as families change over time, their need for post-adoption support may change. The challenges of parenting young children compared to teenagers are different and as such we understand that children and parents may need different kinds of support at different times. This is why we encourage families to contact us if they are experiencing difficulties even if they have not been in touch with any adoption service for a significant period of time.

How to access post-adoption support

If you live on the Isle of Wight and have adopted children you are entitled to request an assessment of your post-adoption support needs from us. However, if your child/children’s adoption order(s) were granted less than three years ago this assessment (and any post-adoption support service) will be the responsibility of the local authority that was caring for your child before they were placed with you.

If you live outside of the Isle of Wight but your child/children came from the Isle of Wight and the adoption order(s) were granted less than three years ago, you are entitled to request an assessment of your post-adoption support needs from us.

We are proud of the service that we offer to adoptive families, we always consider the specific needs of each family so that they receive support that fits them. We have social workers and adoption practitioners who can offer a variety of information, advice, guidance and support to families.

Contact the Adoption Team

If you would like to discuss your particular circumstances to see if you are eligible for post-adoption support, please do not hesitate to contact us by using the online send a message to service form.

Please note: When submitting your form please ensure that you have agreed to the privacy notice by ticking the box and have also entered the security (captcha) code provided at the bottom of the form correctly.

Once we have received your form, you will be sent an email to the address provided. If you have any concerns regarding your form, please contact the team for help on 01983 823081.


Adoption Support Fund

From May 2015 a national Adoption Support Fund has been introduced, you can learn more about this fund on the Adoption 4 Support website. This fund will help families get the additional support they need.