Isle of Wight Council

Homeless Intervention and Support Team

Information for Referrers

The Housing Related Support Team was formerly known as Supporting People.

Professionals who can make referrals for Housing related support services

The following professionals can make referrals:

  • Care managers;
  • mental health workers;
  • children's centres;
  • housing services;
  • other professional organisations.

If you have any general questions about referring people to our services please contact us by email:

Housing related support from a support worker

If a person you are working with needs housing related support from a support worker in the community please complete a referral and assessment form with them.

To request a blank form please email:

Once completed please email the form to the Homeless Intervention Support Team email:

Accommodation Needed

If a person that you are working with is single and needs accommodation because:

  • They are at risk of homelessness,
  • or they are homeless.

They will need to be registered with the local authority housing department as homeless.

Please visit the Homeless Section - Homelessness Reduction (  to complete the online initial enquiry form. 

The next stage of this process is that homeless reduction team will assess the initial enquiry form. After they have assessed the enquiry form they will decide with the person who needs the support whether they would like to access supported accommodation and what at stage they will require the support.

An Isle of Wight Referral and Initial Assessment for Single Homeless Pathway Form will then be completed with the person. 

The professional working with the person will complete the Isle of Wight Referral and Initial Assessment for Single Homeless Pathway Form.

A professional could be part of the homeless reduction team or another professional. A professional will have access to the forms which state how to complete them and where they need to be sent.

If you need guidance to complete any of the forms or require any of the blank forms please email: