Isle of Wight Council

Short Breaks - Young Inspectors Scheme


Short Breaks values children and young people and families giving up their free time to be part of the Young Inspectors programme. As a result Short Breaks have introduced an incentive scheme to thank the Young Inspectors for all their hard work.

Short Breaks are aware of the benefits from being involved in a participation project like the Young Inspectors programme. Children and young people with disabilities and/or additional needs involved within the programme can expect to gain a range of valuable experiences and develop valuable skills, i.e. working as a team, communicating with others, having fun, giving their thoughts and providing solutions to issues and more. These skills and experiences can work towards building confidence and educational attainment as well as supporting the development of their local service.

Young Inspectors - Reward Scheme

We are offering Young Inspectors vouchers of their choice each time they are involved in the initiative, they will gain a ‘Short Breaks Stamp’ which represents a monetary value to go towards a high street voucher of their choice

  • £5 for every inspection 

Vouchers can be claimed at the end of the annual programme, which will be presented at a 'Young Inspectors' party.

Recognition Reward

Short Breaks will also provide the Young Inspectors with a certificate of achievement.