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Drainage Issues

Southern Water are adopting certain private sewer pipes, that connect homes and commercial properties to existing Public Sewers. The changes in legislation, that came into effect on 1st October 2011, transferred certain responsibilities of these pipes from the users to Southern Water.

Please note: that this change does not affect the responsibility of privately owned septic tanks and cesspits (and their connecting pipe-work), large multi-occupier commercial sites, and sewers that carry water directly to a watercourse. Drains from your building that are within the boundaries of your property remain your responsibility.

Due to the recent changes in regulations regarding septic tanks and cesspits by virtue of the General Binding Rules 2020 – if you are experiencing problems caused by a septic tank or cesspit please contact the Environment Agency.  The Environment Agency general enquiries telephone number is 03708 506506.

Private pumping stations were transferred before October 2016.

View further information provided on the GOV.UK website relating to septic tanks and pumping station permits.

If you wish to report a problem with a drain or sewer, or for further information regarding responsibilities please visit the Southern Water website.

If you would like to advise the Council about an escape of drainage, please complete our online 'Drainage enquiry Request Form'.