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Requirements for local authorities to put in place an accessibility strategy are specified in schedule 10 of the Equality Act: Accessibility for disabled pupils. This schedule provides for accessibility arrangements for pupils in schools as set out in section 88.

An accessibility strategy is a strategy for: 

  • Increasing the extent to which disabled pupils can participate in the schools’ curriculum.
  • Improving the physical environment of the schools for the purpose of increasing the extent to which disabled pupils are able to take advantage of education and benefits, facilities or services provided or offered by the schools.
  • Improving the delivery to disabled pupils of information which is readily accessible to pupils who are not disabled. 

The strategy can be viewed on line by clicking here.


Activity providers generally want to be fully inclusive, but sometimes are not sure what things need to be considered and may not have had much guidance or information.

For more information on being inclusive please click here.


 Money to build and equip new SEN places in local settings – Isle of Wight

The special provision fund allocations announced on 4 March 2017 are to support local authorities (LAs) to make capital investments in provision for pupils with special educational needs and disabilities. Local authorities can invest in new places and improvements to facilities for pupils with education, health and care (EHC) plans in mainstream and special schools, nurseries, colleges and other provision. To view the Isle of Wight’s capital investment plan please click here (PDF, 24.43 KB, 5 pages).


SEND Strategic Review

Strategic Review of Specialist Places for children and young people with an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP)

The Isle of Wight Authority is undertaking a strategic review of specialist educational places for children and young people from birth to 25. The review is an opportunity for everyone to contribute to the way in which we provide education to meet the needs of our children and young people with Education, Health and Care Plans (EHCP) on the Isle of Wight. We would welcome the views and ideas of children and young people themselves, and anyone who lives with, cares for and/or works with someone with a specialist educational need. A specialist need may be recognised by an EHCP, or it may include a need which is currently in the process of being assessed by professionals.

Our leaflet explains a little more about the strategic review and the questionnaires are for you to complete on your own behalf, or to support a child or young person to have their say, if they need help to access the questionnaire. You can write or draw, if you prefer. The questionnaires can be view using the links below.


Please return your completed questionnaire:

By email to: iow.localoffer@IOW.gov.uk

By post or by hand to:

 Local Offer                          or                             Parents Voice IW

SEN team                                                           c/o People Matter IW

Thompson House                                                 1-2 Bernard Way
Sandy Lane                                                         Newport
Newport                                                               Isle of Wight
Isle of Wight                                                         PO30 5YL
PO30 3NA