SEND Reform - Work on the Isle of Wight

Local Offer

By September 2014, all local authorities have to develop a Local Offer. A lot of work has taken place on the Isle of Wight to understand what parent carers’ information needs are and why the Local Offer cannot simply be an online directory. The thinking on the Isle of Wight around the Local Offer is evolving all of the time, as the Local Offer development progresses. This paper does not give all of the solutions, but hopefully explains our current approach to developing a meaningful and useful Local Offer for families on the Isle of Wight, which we hope will be useful to share. For more information about the Local Offer please click here.

The Isle of Wight Local Offer is being co-produced together with parents/carers, young people, voluntary organisations, including Parent Voice, and professionals from education, health and social care.

To view the Isle of Wight SEN Reforms Implementation Workstream Terms of Reference, please click here.

The aim is to provide information in a way that makes very clear

  1. What is available
  2. Where a service can be found, and
  3. How you can access those services, including how any decisions are made.

It will help parent/carers and young people find the services that are nearest to them, and most suitable for their (child’s) needs.