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Ordering Copy Certificates

Service update - COVID-19

Orders must be placed using our online service. No orders will be taken over the phone and priority will be given to events registered in 2020/21. Events registered earlier than 2020 will be subject to a 10 day turnaround time. All certificates will be posted, there is no facility to collect in person.

You can order copy certificates by using one of the following methods:

  • Online – by using our online forms, found in the 'Do it Online' tab above and paying by debit or credit card.


    • The fee for each certificate is £11.00
    • All duplicate civil partnership certificates are £11.00.
    • Copy of certificates will be available within 5 working days at £11.00 per certificate.  
    • If you require a certificate urgently there is a standard 24 hours priority service for £35.00 per certificate required, where you can collect or we can post 1st class within 24 hours. Please telephone the register office for details of this service. Our contact information, can be found in the 'Contact' tab above.
    • Please note there is no provision for a while you wait service for a copy of a certificate. 

    Further Information

    The Isle of Wight Family History Society has an on-line index of births, deaths and marriages on the Isle of Wight for records from 1837 to 2010.  To view these records, please visit the Isle of Wight Family History Society website. 

    Information required to order a birth certificate

    • First name and last name at the time of birth(s).
    • Date of birth ( or as close as possible to what you think was the date of birth within 2 years).
    • Where on the Isle of Wight – was it a home birth or which hospital?
    • Parent’s names, any previous names and for family history - their occupations.

    Information required to order a death certificate

    • First names and last name, and/or any other names that the person was known by.
    • Date of the death ( or as close as possible to what you think was the date of death within 2 years).
    • Did they die at home or in hospital (if you know).
    • Any details you may have about the deceased’s husband wife or civil partner, e.g their name and occupation.

    Information required to order a marriage certificate

    If a marriage took place in a church and the church has not yet passed the register to the register office, you may need to contact the church who will issue the certificate.  We will be able to let you know if this is the case.

    • First and last names of the bride and groom.
    • Date of the marriage within (within 5 years of the actual marriage).
    • Where the wedding took place – e.g. the name of the church or other location.
    • For family history purposes - the father’s details (if you know them).

    Information required to order a civil partnership certificate

    • Full names of the couple.
    • Full address of each partner at the time of the civil partnership.
    • Date of the Civil Partnership.
    • Location of the Civil Partnership.

    How to obtain a certificate if you were adopted

    As an adopted person you can apply for a certificate of adoption, showing your adoptive name from the General Registrars Office in Southport.  Full information on the process and fee’s can be found on website.  If you were adopted through a court in England or Wales and are over 18 years old, the law allows you to access your birth entry.

    If you want a copy of your original birth certificate showing your natural parent(s) you must contact the Register Office in the area of your birth.  If you were adopted before 12 November 1975 you must attend a counselling interview before any certificate can be issued.  Please check the website GOV.UK for further information on adoption records.

    How to obtain a certificate when the event was outside of the Isle of Wight

    You will need to apply to the register office of the district the event took place.  Or you can obtain a copy of a certificate from the General Register Office in Southport.  For more information visit the General Register Office website.

    How to obtain a stillbirth certificate

    Due to the sensitive nature of stillbirth registrations, only the mother or father of the child is able to apply for a certificate.  This certificate is produced by the General Register Office.  The parent must be named on the birth certificate to do this.  Should the parents be deceased, a brother or sister can apply if they can provide their parents’ dates of death.  Further information on how to order a stillbirth certificate and the fees involved, can be found on the website GOV.UK

    How to get a document legalised

    You get a UK public document ‘legalised’ by asking the UK government to confirm that a UK public official’s signature, seal or stamp on the document is genuine.  The cost is £30 per document plus postage costs.

    To contact the Legalisation Office:


    Telephone: 03700 00 22 44

    Opening Hours: Monday to Friday, midday to 4pm