Registration of Births

Places to register the birth

On the Isle of Wight

If the birth was on the Isle of Wight you should register at the Isle of Wight Register Office. You will need to make an appointment within 42 calendar days of the birth. You will need to make an appointment to register the birth, please contact us on  01983 823233.

Registering by declaration

If you do not live on the Isle of Wight, or it would be difficult for you to attend the Isle of Wight office, you can take the information to any other Registrar of Births and Deaths in England or Wales. This is known as registering by declaration. 

The birth will not be registered in the registers office you have attended, but the information will be taken and posted to the Isle of Wight Register Office. 

Once the information has been received by the Isle of Wight register office the baby's registration will be added to our register and we wlll contact you to for payment of any certificates required.

Please Note: Should you require any copies of birth certificates in the future you will need to get them from the Isle of Wight Register Office and not from the office where the birth declaration was made.