Registration of Deaths

Referral to the Coroner

In certain circumstances, a death is referred to the coroner for further investigation.

When a sudden death occurs

When a sudden or unexpected death occurs, the Coroner must establish the medical cause of death. Enquiries will be made with the deceased's doctor to ascertain if the Medical Certificate of Cause of Death can be issued by them or whether the cause of death must be established through a Coroner's Post Mortem Examination.

A post mortem is a medical examination of the deceased carried out for the Coroner by a pathologist at a local hospital. During this time the deceased is under the Coroner’s jurisdiction and will remain so until the Coroner releases the body, when the funeral arrangements can be made. 

Registering a death after the post mortem where no inquest is held

The Coroner will send a form to the register office giving details of the cause of death. To register the death you will need to make an appointment to see a Registrar. You can make an appointment by telephone: Monday to Friday 9.00-4.30pm . Our contact details can be found in the contact information tab above.

How to register a death after an inquest

The Coroner will arrange for the death to be registered, normally within a few days of the inquest, so there is no need for you to go to the register office. The registrars will write to you once the death has been registered and advise how you can purchase copy certificates and the cost.