Building Control - Applications/Approvals & Inspections

Application Forms

A Building Regulation application can be submitted online, by email or by post.  All applications will be registered on the day that they are received and an acknowledgement letter sent within 48 hours.

Making your Building Regulation Application

There are two different types of application to choose from.  You should decide which is more appropriate depending upon the type of work proposed:-

Option One - Full Plans Application- What is required:

  • One completed application form.  View a Full Plans form  (PDF, 118KB, 2 pages).
  • Correct plan submission charge.  View information about our charges.
  • Site location plan.
  • Full constructional drawings.
  • Structural calculations.

The Building Control Surveyor will aim to check the application within three weeks of submission.  If further information is required you or your agent will be notified in writing.  A decision (approve, conditionally approve or reject) will be issued within 5 weeks of deposit, unless the time limit has been extended to 8 weeks, by agreement, on the application form.  A Completion Certificate will be issued following a satisfactory final inspection.

Option Two - Building Notice Application - What is required:

  • One completed application form.  View a Building Notice  (PDF, 132KB, 2 pages).
  • Correct charge.  To view information about our charges.
  • Site location plan.
  • Basic sketches of the work proposed.

This application is better suited to smaller-scale work and can only be used for domestic properties.  No decision will be made on the application and any drawings submitted will not be checked for compliance with the Building Regulations.  Greater emphasis will be put on site inspections to ensure compliance.  A Completion Certificate will be issued following a satisfactory final inspection.

Online Submissions

We accept applications from Planning Portal.  On-line payment is not an option with the Planning Portal for Building Control applications.

Alternatively, application forms provided within this web page can be downloaded and e-mailed to along with any plans.

Please view our Fee Sheets on the Charges tab for current charges.  Payment can be made by cheque payable to ‘Isle of Wight Council’, using a card via our contact centre on 01983 823580 or by BACS – details of which can be supplied on request.

Applications by Post

Please refer to the 'Contact' tab for our address details.

Note: It is an offence to carry out building work without first submitting an application under the Building Regulations, and the Council have powers to take enforcement action in the Magistrates Court if you fail to do so.  If you have carried out work without an application and wish to rectify this situation you may submit a Regularisation Application (PDF, 169 KB, 2 pages).