Building Control - Applications/Approvals & Inspections


If work has been undertaken, for which Building Regulation consent should have been sought, and completed for more than two years then the option is available to submit a Regularisation Application.  This allows the building owner to request an inspection with a view to gaining a Regularisation Certificate for the work.

Definition of a Regularisation Certificate

When work to which the Building Regulations apply is completed, a Regularisation Certificate is issued to show that the requirements of the regulations have been satisfied.

What you need in order to sell your house

If you sell your house you will almost certainly be asked to produce a Completion Certificate for work that falls under the scope of the Building Regulations.  A Completion Certificate shows that the construction work was carried out in accordance with the regulations and signed off by Building Control Surveyor.  A Regularisation Certificate is equivalent to a Completion Certificate.

Work that can be regularised

If you have undertaken work to which the Building Regulations applied at the time that it was carried out, and where Building Control was not informed, you can submit a Regularisation Application.  The work may have been done by you or by a previous owner.

The Regularisation Application Process

It is often useful to arrange a pre-application meeting on site prior to submitting a Regularisation Application.  This can be arranged by contacting us using the 'Send a message to this service' tab which can be found via the 'contacts' tab above.  This meeting will aim to establish whether submitting a Regularisation application would be a worthwhile process, and is also a way of discussing what would be involved to prove the work undertaken was done in accordance with the Building Regulations.

When making a Regularisation application you will be required to complete an application form.  To view and print this, please click here. In addition you should submit the following information:

  • A description of the unauthorised work.
  • Plans of the unauthorised work.
  • Plans showing additional work to be carried out to ensure compliance with the Building Regulations.
  • The correct fee (based on 150% of the equivalent Building Notice charge).

Upon receipt of your application we will issue an acknowledgement letter and then arrange a site visit if a pre-application meeting has not taken place.

As part of a regularisation application you may be asked to expose elements of the structure to show compliance.  If the work previously undertaken does not comply we will require further evidence to prove compliance, perhaps structural calculations or technical details from a product manufacturer.

The Council is under no obligation to issue a Regularisation Certificate but if the final works appear satisfactory a Certificate may be issued.  There is no right of appeal (or refund of fees) should this Certificate be refused.

Please Note: An application for regularisation will not prejudice the Council’s statutory power under Section 36 of the Building Act 1984 in respect of any enforcement action.  For information and advice on what constitutes unauthorised work for the purposes of the Building Regulations please contact Building Control using the 'Send a message to this service' tab.