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Service Update - COVID-19

Site Inspection Services

From 5 November 2020 until 2 December 2020 we will provide socially distanced site inspections. The inspections will cover ‘open air’ sites, commercial projects and new build housing. Virtual inspections will be undertaken for internal domestic works. A risk assessment will be undertaken by the surveyor for all in-person inspections. This may unfortunately mean we are not able to undertake in person visits as quick as we like. We recognise that, where safe to do so, we need to maintain as many inspections as possible.

Please book site inspections by email or phone. Please include your reference number and details of the support required.  We will work to determine the most appropriate inspection service.

Building Control will only be accepting correspondence via e-mail for the foreseeable future.  This includes fee queries, applications, plans, more information, etc.

All payments will need to made via BACS or card payment at the current time.

Changes to the Building Regulations

The Building Regulations are subject to review and change by the Government. We will publish details of any new/amended regulations in our technical advice section.

Building Control Guide

To assist you in your project, a new guide to renovating your home has been published. This guide is complimentary to our existing Guide To Extending Your Home. To access these free e-books please select the relevant link below: