Building Control - Dangerous Structures & Demolition


Under the Building Act, anyone wishing to demolish or partially demolish a building must notify Building Control.  We can then ensure that there is a minimum of inconvenience to the public and occupiers of adjacent property as a result of and during demolition works.  In addition, there are certain legal requirements that must be satisfied by the person intending to carry out the works.

A Building Regulation Application is not required for demolition work.  However, under Section 80 of the Building Act, anyone wishing to demolish a building over 50 cubic metres  must complete and submit a Demolition Notice to Building Control.  This should be submitted at least 6 weeks prior to the start of the demolition.  The reason for this time-scale is to allow the Building Control Surveyor time to consider what conditions it is necessary to impose, which will vary in each case.

To view our current Demolition Notice please click here (PDF, 40.1KB, 1 page).

In addition, as part of the Demolition Notice, the applicant is required to notify adjoining owners and statutory undertakers (i.e. electric, gas and water) of their intention to demolish.  There is no fee due.

Once a Demolition Notice has been submitted a Surveyor will inspect the proposed site of demolition.  The applicant must then wait to receive a counter notice from the Council.  The counter notice essentially gives consent for the work to commence and includes conditions which must be met by the person intending to carry out the work i.e. weather-proofing adjacent properties.

Health and safety dictates that the contractor is not permitted to begin demolition work until the counter notice has been received or six weeks has expired since the deposit of the Demolition Notice.

Planning Permission or Listed Building Consent may be required, and you are advised to contact Development Control using the 'Contact' tab above where you can then send an email by clicking on the 'Send a message to this service' tab.  You are also reminded of your duties under other health and safety legislation, enforceable by the Council’s Environmental Health Department and the Health and Safety Executive.