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Fort Victoria Country Park

Attractions at Fort Victoria

The Reptilarium, Verdi’s Café, Fort Victoria Model Railing and the Planetarium are privately run attractions at Fort Victoria, open to the public throughout the summer season.  The Countryside Section staff work closely with these businesses, particularly when providing education services to schools and other groups visiting the Fort.

  • Many school groups enjoy our Ranger tours and activities, to learn more about our tours see the Education and Outdoor Learning tab above.
  • If you’d like to enquire about these services you can use the contact tab above.
  • If you wish to make a booking, you can complete our online application form.

The fort has a room available for hire if you wish to use it for an event and with the free car park toilets and green area it can be a good location for outdoor events. Please contact us to discuss opportunities to hire these facilities, by using our online 'send a message to service form' use the contact tab above.

Attractions at Fort Victoria

The attractions are privately run and so have their own individual opening times and prices.  To find out more visit the Fort Victoria Country Park attractions website or contact the attractions by telephone.

  • Reptilarium 01983 76158
  • Planetarium 01983 761555
  • Verdi’s Café 01983 761777
  • Model Railway 01983 761553


Reptilarium & Terrapin Sanctuary

Fort Victoria’s newest attraction features live reptiles, amphibians and invertebrates from around the world, all housed in naturalistic enclosures. Learn all about these fascinating creatures and the habitats they live in, then meet some of the rescued terrapins living in our 18000 litre pond. Pet terrapins are being abandoned in increasing numbers and we aim to house up to 100 of them at the sanctuary. Visit the Reptilarium & Terrapin Sanctuary website or telephone (01983) 761582.

Island Planetarium

The Island Planetarium offers a fascinating journey through time and space; stimulating your imagination and mind, in the astrodome theatre & exhibition.  This man-made Universe will take your places you have never been before, from the surface of the Moon to the depth of outer space in the Astrodome 360-degree Star Theatre.  Make sure you leave time to explore the various space-science displays and exhibition dedicated to the great scientist/inventor Robert Hooke, born in Freshwater in 1635.  For more information visit the Island Planetarium website

Fort Victoria Model Railway

An indoor model railway and shop which is open to the public most of the year.  The railway has been at the Fort for the past fifteen years, but under new ownership for only five years.  The layouts have been completely altered although the controls of the Continental trains are still by computer programme.  A new British layout is under construction and this will be run by an infra-red system.

The British and continental trains weave their magic through villages, mountains tunnels and factories and rekindle many happy childhood memories for many of our visitors.  There are working models, some operated by a push button system, whilst others are running all day.  A circus and fairground, with working models, is an added attraction as it also has its own miniature railway.  For more information visit the Fort Victoria Model Railway website.

Further information

To find our more please contact the Park Ranger by telephoning 01983 760860 (May-October only) or contact the Countryside Department by using the online 'send a message to service form' .