Isle of Wight Council

Environmental Health

Service Description: We are a regulatory service that enforces standards relating to food, health and safety and environmental protection. The service also responds to requests for assistance from businesses and complaints from the public on a number of matters. It is also a statutory consultee for other council functions such as development control.

Environmental health has a direct impact into everyone’s lives whether living on, working on or visiting the island. For example we ensure that the food they buy is fit to eat, that the places they work or visit are safe, the air they breathe is not filled with contaminants, that they have peaceful enjoyment of their home and that the general environment is not overrun with pests or fly tipped waste.

Where possible we bring about behavioural change through education and advisory means, but where necessary and in line with our Enforcement Policy, we use the legislative powers to ensure compliance. Some of our work is required by statute, some intelligence led and we work jointly with many partners, both from within and outside the Council, to maximise efficiency and to bring about shared outcomes and positive impacts for the Island.

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