Climate Change

Environment and Sustainability Forum


The Isle of Wight Council declared a climate emergency in July 2019. Following this declaration, the council’s Community Plastics Forum became the Environment & Sustainability Forum (E&SF) in the same month.

This change was made to allow a wider focus on a broader range of climate and environment-related issues. It also allows the council to discuss relevant issues with Island residents, town and parish councils, and other stakeholders.

Owing to Covid, the E&SF was paused through most of 2020. It restarted in December 2020 and is expected to run approximately once a month wherever possible from January 2021 onwards.

If you would like to attend the E&SF, please email to have your name added to the mailing list.

Currently, all meetings are taking place virtually using Microsoft Teams. This is because of Covid restrictions.

2021 topics for discussion:

  • In the December 2020 E&SF, attendees were asked to vote on topics for discussion. The most popular topics selected were as follows and we expect to discuss these through 2021’s Forums. Please note that topics are subject to change.
  • Sustainable transport (EV and IOW charging; transition to EVs) (covered in February 2021).
  • Isle of Wight Council Climate and Environment Strategy to 2030 (covered in March 2021).
  • Isle of Wight circular economy.
  • Covid recovery and climate change – ‘build back better’.
  • Reforestation, forestry strategy and grants, carbon offsetting via forests.
  • Sustainable transport (active travel).
  • Sustainable tourism.
  • Green local business.
  • Government grants for home heat decarbonisation / renewable energy.
  • Road verge rewilding.
  • Hedgerows.


Climate and Environment Strategy

Many of the discussions in the E&SF will centre around the council’s climate emergency declaration and the Climate and Environment Strategy (C&ES) that has been produced as an outcome of the climate emergency declaration. An initial draft version of the plan was published in December 2020. The plan is currently under review and is expected to be adopted by the council in Q3 2021 (Autumn). Although this may be subject to change owing to competing priorities.

Past meeting minutes

Minutes from past Environment and Sustainability forum meetings


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