Climate Change


This page has some web links to some helpful climate change documents and information.

Isle of Wight Strategic Flood Risk Assessment

This report provides flood risk information useful to both developers and land owners when considering the best us of a piece of land.  

RESPONSE (Responding to the risks of Climate Change)

'Response' (or 'Responding to the risks from climate change') provides a framework for understanding and preparing for the impacts of climate change around the coast.

Isle of Wight Shoreline Management Plan

The Isle of Wight coast will change over the next 100 years due the impacts of marine erosion, ground instability and flooding by the sea. The Shoreline Management Plan is the means by which coastal managers determine the best way to look after the coast in a sustainable way for the next 100 years.

State of the Rural Wight Report

An overview of rural Isle of Wight, includes a section on the impacts of climate change.

Isle of Wight Catchment Abstraction Management Strategy (CAMS) (Environment Agency, 2004)

The purpose of the CAMS report is to: inform the public on water resources and licensing practice; provide a consistent approach to local water resources management and help to balance the needs of water-users and the environment

Historic landscapes on the Isle of Wight – Climate Change report

The Isle of Wight Historic Environment Action Plan (HEAP) identifies areas of importance for archaeology, the historic landscape and the historic built environment and sets out strategies for their local management, the climate change report identifies heritage sites vulnerable to changes in our climate.

Adapting to climate change; a guide for local councils

This guides provides, advice, tools and case studies to help local councils prepare for climate change.

UK Climate Impacts Programme (UKCIP)

UKCIP works at the boundary between scientific research, policy makers and stakeholders. Acting to coordinate and influence research into our future climate and to share the outputs in ways that are useful to stakeholders.

UKCIP Local Authority case studies

UKCIP has produced a searchable database of case studies, primarily related to local authorities, but which could be applied to other sectors.

Isle of Wight Biodiversity and Climate Change

A report outlining how the Island’s biodiversity may be affected by the changing climate.

Local organisation, Natural Enterprise, has developed a web-based resource on climate change at