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Electric Vehicle Charging Points

Fast Charging Point

Are you interested in owning an electric vehicle but don't have off street parking?

If you're interested in an on-street charging point near to your home, please contact us by using our online send a message to service form.

There are now 5 Electric Vehicle Charging Points (EVCP) located in council car parks.

The locations are:

  1. Newport - Chapel Street Car Park.
  2. Ryde - Quay Road Car Park.
  3. Cowes - Cross Street Car Park.
  4. Sandown - St. John's Road Car Park.
  5. Freshwater - Moa Place Car Park.


For a limited period the council is allowing free parking in its car parks for vehicles that are using the charging point.

View a map of the charging point locations in council car parks.


Fast Chargers

The EVCPs in Ryde, Cowes, Sandown and Freshwater are 'fast' chargers. This means they take between two and three hours to administer a full vehicle charge.

They have an output of approximately 7 kW and are all fitted with Type II sockets. 

The cost for using a ‘fast’ charger is £4 for up to four hours and vehicles can park for free during the charging period.

A 'fast' charging point is also installed at Ventnor Botanic Garden's car park.


Rapid Charger

The EVCP in Newport is a 'rapid' charger. 

This is the fastest charger available and it can charge a vehicle in twenty to thirty minutes, costing on average £6 per charge.

The rapid charger has an output of 43 kW AC or 50 kW DC and the plugs available are:

  • AC - Type II; DC - Chademo (usually for Asian vehicles) and CCS (usually for European vehicles).


EVCP Operator

The EVCPs are operated by the Engie Chargepoint Network.