Community Planning

Housing Needs Surveys


Housing Needs Surveys are carried out by Parish and Town Councils and local residents' groups to identify the housing needs of people in their locality. They provide information about current and future local housing requirements and will be used to help the council develop its housing and planning policies to meet these requirements.

The information contained within these surveys will be used when considering planning applications and in the implementation of Core Strategy policies SP1 (Spatial Strategy) and SP2 (Housing) in particular.

In addition these documents will be used in the assessment of planning applications in accordance with policy DM3 (Balanced Mix of Housing). This policy refers to schemes being based on “the most up to date housing need for the local area”.

The Housing Needs Surveys can be viewed below:

Arreton Parish Residents' Group

Housing Needs Survey (PDF, 613.60KB, 26 pages).

Bembridge Parish Council

Housing Needs Survey (PDF, 961KB, 40 pages).

Brading Parish Council

Housing Needs Survey (PDF, 1,021.51KB, 13 pages).

Brighstone Parish Council

Housing Needs Survey (PDF, 1.31MB, 40 pages).

Fishbourne Parish Council

Housing Needs Survey (PDF, 868.19KB, 30 pages).

Godshill Parish Council

Housing Needs Survey (PDF, 837.83KB, 30 pages).

Gurnard Parish Council

Housing Needs Survey (PDF, 1.15Mb, 55 pages).

Niton and Whitwell Parish Council

Housing Needs Survey (PDF, 809.9KB, 32 pages).

Northwood Parish Council

Housing Needs Survey (PDF, 669KB, 30 pages).

Shalfleet Parish Council

Sustainable Housing Survey (PDF, 2.00Mb, 39 pages).

Wootton Bridge Parish Council

Housing Needs Assessment (PDF, 1.24Mb, 47 pages).


Yarmouth Town Council

Yarmouth and Thorley Housing Needs Survey (PDF, 365KB, 34 pages)

Guidance for Parish and Town Councils

What is a Housing Needs Survey

A Housing Needs Survey asks residents questions about their current housing situation and their possible housing requirements for the future. They are designed to discover what kind of housing people require both for themselves and family members who may want to form households, and whether the type of housing available in their area is affordable.

Housing Needs Surveys are not just about building new housing or expanding rural districts, but are a tool to determine whether the available housing is suitable for the changing needs of your community. For example, if there is provision of sufficient specific housing for families or older people.

Therefore, by carrying out a Housing Needs survey a within your parish, you can ensure that as a community you are able to plan ahead for future housing provision and that any plans proposed are based on accurate information to better meet the needs of your local community. 

How do we know that the answers provided will give us an accurate picture of actual need

The Council has ensured that the suggested Housing Needs Survey questions conform to the latest Government guidance and best practice. It is designed so that a good response rate will produce results that reflect your residents’ current housing circumstances and identify their housing needs for the future.

The following guidance will assist communities in carrying out Housing Needs Surveys, please click the links to view the guidance:

Local Development, Island Needs (January 2012) (PDF, 255.42KB, 19 pages).