Core Strategy

Monitoring Reports

The Planning Policy team monitors the effectiveness of the Island’s planning policies and collects data on matters such as land use, employment, population and housing, for use in many aspects of the Council’s work.

Each year the Council prepares a Monitoring Report which reports progress on the Island Plan and the performance of policies and objectives within its Development Plan Documents.

Previous Monitoring Reports are also available by clicking on the following links:

Monitoring Report for 2018/19  (PDF, 1MB, 42 pages).

Monitoring Lite Report for 2018/19  (PDF, 4.5KB , 8 Pages).

2017/18  Monitoring Final (PDF,1.12MB,40 Pages)

2017/18 Monitoring Report 'Lite' (PDF, 5.1KB, 8 Pages)

2016/17 (PDF, 882KB, 43 Pages)

2016/17 Monitoring Report 'Lite' (PDF, 5.24MB, 8 Pages)

2015/16 (PDF, 856KB, 51 pages).

2015/16 Monitoring Report 'Lite' (PDF, 5.29MB, 8 pages).

2014/15 (PDF, 929KB, 52 pages).

2013/14 (PDF, 1.23MB, 51 pages).

2012/13 (PDF, 1.27MB, 53 pages).

2011/12 (PDF, 1.64MB, 89 pages).

2009/10 (PDF, 7.42MB, 40 pages).

2008/09 (PDF, 2.4MB, 61 pages).

2007/08 (PDF, 449KB, 52 pages).

2006/07 (PDF, 418KB, 36 pages).

2005/06 (PDF, 184KB, 29 pages).

2004/05 (PDF, 197KB, 38 pages).

Please note: No Monitoring Report was produced in 2010/11.

Further Information

A lot of the data that we use is supplied to us by the Office for National Statistics (ONS), to learn more please visit the ONS website.  ONS have developed a website to share neighbourhood statistics which includes data about specific towns, wards, counties, local authorities, or specific issues such as housing or economy. View the ONS neighbourhood statistics website.