The Island Plan

Other planning policy news

July 2021

The Planning Service has published the following evidence base documents to assist in preparing planning applications, decision taking and plan making:

30 April 2021

Nitrogen neutral housing development

Natural England (NE) have raised the issue of a likely significant effect on several internationally designated sites. These sites are:

  • Special Protection Areas (SPA)
  • Special Areas of Conservation (SAC)
  • Ramsar sites

The issue is due to the increase in wastewater from the new developments coming forward. The Solent has recognised problems from nitrate enrichment. High levels of nitrogen from human activity and agricultural sources in the catchment have caused excessive growth of green algae. This is having a detrimental impact upon protected habitats and bird species.


We have published a Position Statement. This statement sets out the Local Planning Authority’s approach to:

  • New housing development being proposed on the island
  • island land being used for ‘nitrate credits’ to offset mainland development

17 September 2020

The Government are recommending important changes to the land use planning system. A consultation is currently being undertaken on these for a twelve week period on planning for the future. The outcome of the consultation and the effect on the Island Planning Strategy is currently unknown. The information will be updated on these pages as soon as the outcome is known.

September 2020

Local Development Scheme updated

The Local Development Scheme, which sets out the programme for preparing the Island Planning Strategy and other main planning documents, has been updated. These updates to the expected timetable for the Island Planning Strategy are as a result of the ongoing work following the consultation responses received from the initial public consultation. The latest version of the Local Development Scheme can be found on the Background Documents page.