Planning Appeals

The Right of Appeal

Planning Applications

You can appeal in the following circumstances:

1.    If you have applied to the Council for Planning Permission, and they:

(a)    refused permission;

(b)    gave permission but with conditions you think are inappropriate;

(c)     have not approved the details of a scheme which the Local Planning Authority, or the Secretary of State have already given outline planning permission for;

(d)     refuse to approve any matter required by a condition on a previous planning permission, or;

(e)      failed to give notice of their decision within the appropriate time period on an application (major applications 13 weeks, minors, or others 8 weeks).

Who can Appeal?

Only the person who made the Planning Application has the right to appeal.

Time Limits

All appeal papers must be received by the Planning Inspectorate within six months of the Council’s decision notice or within six months of the end of the decision period if the Council haven’t made a decision.

If you are appealing against the refusal of a householder planning application, all papers must be sent to the Planning Inspectorate within 12 weeks of the date of decision.

If papers are not received within the time limit, and there are no exceptional reasons for this delay, the appeal will not be accepted.


If an Enforcement notice has been served on you, you can appeal against this notice. For more information about the Enforcement Appeals Process, please click here.

Lawful Development Certificate

There is no time limit to submit an appeal against the refusal of Lawful Development Certificate application.