Planning Development

Planning application procedures

Receipt of planning applications

Planning applications can be submitted online via the Planning Portal website, or by post or delivered by hand to the Planning Office, our details can be found in the 'Contact Information' tab.

If you submit online via the Planning Portal website:

  • We receive a notification email that your application has been submitted electronically.
  • We download the application and print out a copy.
  • The application is date stamped.
  • We match the fee to the application if we have already received it.
  • The application is given a reference number (i.e. 19/*****/XX) and a file is made up.
  • Your application is then allocated to a case officer.
  • Your application is uploaded to our system electronically and will be displayed on our website. The application is only viewable once it is valid.

If you submit via the post or deliver by hand :

  • The application is date stamped.
  • The fee is banked.
  • The application is given a reference number and a file is made up.
  • The application is then allocated to a case officer.
  • The application is scanned into an electronic format to be displayed on to our website. The application is only viewable once it is valid.



  • We check that all forms have been correctly filled in, signed and dated.
  • We check that the site location plan is to scaled, has been outlined in red and matches site maps on our system.
  • All drawings and plans are checked to ensure they meet the national and local requirements.
  • If any additional information is needed we will contact you as soon as possible.



  • An acknowledgement letter is sent to the applicant/agent detailing the expected decision date.
  • A letter is sent to all statutory consultees e.g. Highways, Environment Agency.
  • Publication of the application is undertaken in the Isle of Wight County Press and a site notice is produced. The case officer displays this at the site by attaching it to a fixed object (i.e. fence).



  • The case officer will visit the site to assess the proposal.
  • Sometimes you may be asked to amend the proposal and we may re-notify neighbours and/or consultees.
  • Your application will be decided under delegated powers unless councillors request that the application is heard by the Planning Committee.


The following applications will always be heard by a committee:

  • Applications submitted by or on behalf of an elected member (or members of their close family or close associates) or by any officers ( or members of their close family or close associates) employed in planning services or any other areas of the council where the individual may be involved in the planning process.
  • Applications which the Strategic Manager planning & infrastructure delivery considers have a genuine Island wide significance due to their size or impact; raise marginal and difficulty policy issues.

  • Applications where the proposed development is for council purposes or involves council owned land or property (except where the Monitoring Officer, upon receipt of a recommendation from the Strategic Manager planning & infrastructure delivery, is satisfied that the application is for minor works and does not need to be determined by the planning committee. 



We aim to send out the decision notice within three working days of the decision being made. The decision notice is made available on via the Planning Pages.

If your application is approved please:

  • Check the conditions carefully.
  • Comply with all the conditions.
  • Contact the case officer who dealt with the application if you are unclear about any of the conditions.
  • Submit any further information if you are asked to do so or are required to by conditions detailed in the decision notice. This further information should be submitted with a covering letter clearly explaining what conditions you are seeking to discharge along with the application form. 

If your application is refused you can:

  •  Ask the case officer what would be acceptable
  • Submit a revised application - no fee is required for the first submission within a year of the original decision
  • Appeal against the decision to the Planning Inspectorate, please visit the GOV.UK website.