Flood Risk & Watercourse Consents

West Wight Coastal Strategy

West Wight Coastal Flood and Erosion Risk Management Strategy

The Isle of Wight Council and the Environment Agency have developed a Coastal Flood and Erosion Risk Management Strategy, which was published for a period of public consultation from 31 March to 30 June 2016 and a series of public exhibitions were held during this period.

The ‘West Wight Coastal Flood and Erosion Risk Management Strategy’ recommends the preferred approaches for managing coastal flood and erosion risk for an 84km frontage of the Isle of Wight coast from Freshwater Bay to East Cowes.

Final Strategy

The Final Strategy has completed the process of adoption by the Local Authority and national approval and is available to view by clicking here (website).

The Strategy identifies areas where defence improvements will be required, and areas where adaptation is needed. It also examines how future defences will need to be paid for under the current ‘partnership funding’ system, which involves both public and private contributions. ‘Priority Schemes’ are also identified. 

A Summary Report and Main Report are available, plus appendices. Within the Main Report, information for each area around the coast can be found in Chapters 5 to 10. Information on future funding and the Priority Schemes is provided in Chapter 11.