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Definitive Map and Statement

Definitive Map

Definitive Map and Statement History

In 1949 all county councils in England and Wales were given the duty of surveying and mapping all public rights of way in their area. They needed to classify them as footpaths, bridleways or roads used as public paths. These are now called byways open to all traffic (BOATs). The surveys had three stages: draft, provisional and definitive. The definitive maps would be taken as conclusive evidence that a path shown was a public right of way at the date the map was prepared.  A statement in respect of each path recording particulars was deemed to be conclusive evidence of such matters recorded therein on the position, width, conditions and limitations.

The original definitive map for the Isle of Wight was produced in 1952 and reviewed in 1968. The current edition of the Definitive Map and Statement for the Isle of Wight has a ‘relevant date’ of 29 February 2000.

The Isle of Wight Definitive Map and Statement 2000

The Isle of Wight Definitive Map 2000 is based on the Ordnance Survey 1:10,000 map for the Isle of Wight. 

The map is available for inspection at:

The following are the pages which precede the maps in the printed Definitive Map & Statement book.

01 Front Cover

02 Second Page

03 Contents

04 Introduction

05 Definitive Map & Statement Recording Public Rights of Way

06 Legal Effect of the Definitive Map & Statement - Part III Section 56

07 The Relevant Date Section 52(2) a & b - Section 57(4) 

08 Continuous Review Part III Section 53 - future modifications of the map & statement

09 Modification Orders & Application Section 52(2) Schedules 14 & 15

10 Key to Rights of Way & maintenance of paths

11 Path Numbering - urban & parish boundaries

12 List of page numbers & main place names

13 Key Plan of Map Pages

14 The maps 

The map is for public inspection and reference only and must not be copied without permission of the owner.

The Definitive Map and Statement is conclusive proof of the existence and status of a right of way at the relevant date (29 February 2000). Where the map shows a footpath, bridleway or byway, the map is conclusive evidence that there was at the relevant date a highway as shown.

The Definitive Map and Statement may only be changed by and according to an Order made by the Council. The Council has a duty to continuously review and update the Definitive Map and Statement so it forms an accurate record of the public rights of way network.

The Isle of Wight Definitive Map and Statement is divided into the 20 parishes which existed in 1952. Each public right of way is numbered and identified with the parish prefix initials e.g. BS100 is path number 100 in the parish of Brighstone.  The parish prefix and number system is the Council’s way of identifying all of the paths on the island. You will find this path number on most of the signs that show the rights of way network.

(A) Arreton; (B) Brading; (BB) Bembridge; (BS) Brighstone; (C) Chale; (CB) Calbourne; (CS) Cowes; (F) Freshwater; (G) Gatcombe; (GL) Godshill; (N) Newport; (NC) Newchurch; (NT) Niton & Whitwell; (R) Ryde;  (S) Shalfleet; (SS) Sandown & Shanklin; (SW) Shorwell; (T) Totland; (V) Ventnor; (Y) Yarmouth.

The online digital definitive maps can be viewed on our Digital Definitive Map web page. The relevant date for this map is 29 February 2000. Changes have occurred to the rights of way network since this date. For example by diversion or extinguishment orders. For details of changes please view the current definitive map changes listIf you would like more information regarding any of the changes, please email

The viewing of the Digital Definitive Map 2000 must not be used in substitution of obtaining a Local Land Charges Search (optional question 5.1), the result of which will provide the accurate situation taking into account changes to the rights of way network since 29 February 2000.

Section 31 Deposits and Register

To prevent members of the public creating new rights of way across land, landowners can deposit with the Council a statement, map and a description of their land and any rights of way crossing it. This is known as a “Section 31 Deposit” as it is made pursuant to Section 31(6) of the Highways Act 1980. Further information regarding Section 31 Deposits generally and how to make an application is set out below:

Public rights of way can come into being having been deemed to be dedicated. This occurs through 20 years’ uninterrupted use by the public giving rise to a presumption that the way was intended to be dedicated as a right of way by the landowner. The period of 20 years is counted back from the date on which the public’s right to use the path was first brought into question or challenged.  A Section 31 Deposit is needed to challenge both the public’s right to use a non-definitive path and to show an intention by the landowner not to dedicate new rights of way across their land.

The effect of making a Section 31 Deposit is:

  • It is possible to allow continued informal use of a route (e.g. by local people), without fear of a public right of way being claimed on the basis of future use from the date of the Deposit.
  • Where a route has been used informally, for less than 20 years, it will not be possible for a right of way to be claimed through deemed dedication (although a claim at common law may still be possible).
  • Any new routes will automatically be protected from the outset from the possibility of any claim.

The Deposit will have no effect on the existence of public rights of way already shown on the Definitive Map or on any rights which have already been established before the Deposit i.e. claims based on historical evidence or through 20 years use prior to the first Section 31 Deposit. However, making a Deposit will immediately fix a point at which any unacknowledged rights are brought into question. For subsequent claims, the 20 year period would be counted back from the date of the Deposit. If these claims succeed, the Deposit documents should be revised.

The Council is required to maintain a Register of Section 31 Deposits and details of Deposits are set out below.  The Register is available for public inspection at the Public Rights of Way department, County Hall, High Street, Newport, Isle of Wight, PO30 1UD during normal office hours (9.00am – 5.00pm Monday to Friday). Please email to arrange an appointment before arrival to ensure a member of staff is available to assist. Please note: our offices are currently closed due to Covid-19 restrictions.

As of 1 October 2013, Statements can be made in respect of either rights of way or village greens, or to cover rights of way and village greens.  Statements, but not necessarily the map, will need to be renewed every 20 years in respect of applications made after 1 October 2013 (every 10 years for Statements / Deposits made before 1 October 2013).

For village greens, under section 15A of the Commons Act 2006, landowners can deposit a statement (with map) which brings to the end any period of recreational use ‘as of right’.

Application Process

  • Complete the Application for Deposits Form
  • Pay a £265 fee to cover the Council’s costs of logging the application, making it available on our website and paper register.  
  • Renewals have a £65 fee.
  • If the map lodged with the application is larger than A3, please provide an electronic copy in PDF format. 

If you have any further questions, contact details are as follows:

  • s31(6) Highways Act 1980 deposits: Public Rights of Way, County Hall, High Street, Newport, Isle of Wight, PO30 1UD. Email: Telephone: 01983 821000

  • s15A(1) Commons Act 2006 deposits: Tree Team – Development Control, Seaclose Offices, Fairlee Road, Newport, Isle of Wight, PO30 2QS. Email: Telephone: 01983 823893


Current S31 Notices of Application: 

Section 31(6) of the Highways Act 1980 deposits  - Statements made after 1 October 2013

Ref  Address 

OS Grid Ref

Date Received by IW Council   Map

Crockers, Rew Street, Gurnard, Cowes, IW, PO31 8NU includes beach chalet, garden, cliff and foreshore to mean high water



 7 April 2014  Crockers
 CSs31(2) Norris Castle Estate and Norris Lodge of New Barn Road, East Cowes, IW, PO32 6AZ registered under Land Registry Title numbers IW68975 & IW40341



 28 April 2015  Norris



Nine various locations within the Barton Manor Estate, Whippingham, IW, PO32 6LB   14 June 2017  Barton
 CSs31 (4)  Woodhouse Farm, Barton Estate, East Cowes, PO32 6NU 52530 939   25 July 2017  Woodhouse
 CSs31 (5) New Barton Farm, East Cowes, PO32 6LD - land laying either side of Mount Road on the Barton Estate & land at Kingston Farm north of Whippingham church

5294 3613



5 September 2017 New Barton Farm



 The Hermitage, Whitwell, PO38 2PD  449801 / 78843  27 December 2018  The Hermitage



 RSPB Nature Reserve - Brading Marshes

 462509 /


 4 January 2019  RSPB



 Summers Court, Freshwater  432986 / 86731  13 June 2019  Summers Court



 Land at Rowborough Estate, Bowcombe and Hill Farm and Garstons Farm, Gatcombe

 SZ448 862

SZ489 856

 9 October 2019

 Rowborough/Hill Farm / Garstons




 Land at Fernhill, Wootton Bridge  SZ544 917  9 October 2019  Fernhill



 Papermill Field & Castle Garden Field adjacent to Carisbrooke Castle   448604/87455  01 July 2020  Papermill / Castle Garden



 Combley Farm, Downend  454437/87625  27 July 2020  Combley



 Land at Somerton Farm, Northwood  SZ495941  11th November 2020  Somerton 1



 Land at Somerton Farm, Northwood  SZ492943  11th November 2020  Somerton 2



 Gotten Leaze Farm, Calbourne  SZ425855  11th November 2020  Gotten Leaze



 Ashengrove Farm, Calbourne  SZ443873  2nd January 2021  Ashengrove



 Land to the north & south of Steyne Road, Bembridge



 26th April 2021  Thornycroft



 Calving Close Copse & Land at Medham Farm Lane  SZ499 938  14th December 2021  Medham land / Calving Close Copse



 Land at Apse New Barn Farm, Apse Heath  56482 / 82843  1st January 2022  Apse New Barn Farm



 Land at Apse New Barn Farm, Apse Heath (solar park)  566/828  18th August 2022  Apse New Barn Farm (solar)



 Upper Hyde Farm, Shanklin  571 / 818  18th August 2022  Upper Hyde Farm



 Priory Bay Hotel, Seaview  SZ6322490320  12 September 2022  Priory Bay Hotel

Register of Landowner Section 31(6) of the Highways Act 1980 deposits  - Statements made before 1 October 2013 

Address or description of land 

Date first received by IWC 

Expiry date

Map or contact Rights of Way if not on line

 Perreton Farm, Arreton

 05 March 2013

 05 March 2023



 Land at Bayfields, Cowlease Hill

 27 April 2012

 27 April 2022



Original - New Barn Farm, Apse Heath

Declaration - New Barn Farm, Apse Heath 

 31 January 2012

27 December 2016

 31 January 2022

27 December 2026


New Barn Farm

New Barn Farm - revised map

 Upper Hyde Farm, Shanklin

 31 January 2012

 31 January 2022


Upper Hyde Farm

 Waters Edge, Pier Road, Seaview,

 PO34 5BN

 13 September 2011

 13 September 2021


Waters Edge

 America Woods, Shanklin

 15 June 1992

 28 June 2021


America Woods

 Old Corn Barn, Main Road, Thorley,

 PO41  0SX

 01 November 2011

 01 November 2021


Old Corn Barn

 Fort Redoubt, Freshwater Bay

 15 November 2010

 15 November 2020


Fort Redoubt

 3 X parcels of land known as:  Castle Gardens, Papermill & Little Buck at Froglands Farm, Carisbrooke

 13 September    2010

 13 September 2020



 Tapnell & East Afton Farms

 02 August 2010

 02 August 2020


Tapnell & East  Afton

 Werrer Farm, Nr Newport / Northwood

 26 October 2009

 26 October 2019



 Nodnewel, Pier Road, Seaview, PO34 5BN

 13 July 2009

 13 July 2019



 Summers Court, Freshwater

 04 June 2009

 04 June 2019



 Brading Marshes

 16 February 2009

 16 February 2019



 Cooks Castle Farm, Wroxall

 27 February 1997

 9 March 2019


Cooks Castle

 Nunwell Estate, Brading

 24 July 2007

 24 July 2017



 Manor Farm, Wellow

 21 November 2007

 21 November 2017


Manor Farm

 Land at Rookley Nr Hillcrest Road

 12 October 2006

 12 October 2016



 Newclose Farm, Nr Newport / Arreton,

 29 September 2006

 29 September 2016



 30 Buckland Gardens, Ryde, PO33 3AG

 24 May 2007

 24 May 2017


30 Bucklands

 28 Buckland Gardens, Ryde, PO33 3AG

 01 February 2007

 01 February 2017


28 Bucklands

 Old Coach House, Calbourne Road, Swainstone, PO30 4HX

 10 October 2006

 10 October 2016

 Old Coach House

 Stables & land adjoining NT120 Bannock Road, Whitwell

 17 February 2006

 17 February 2016



 Land at Three Gates Farm, Calbourne

 07 December 2004



 Great Park Estate, Fulford holding & Heathfield Farm, Nr  Newport

 02 December 2001



 Part of Westcourt Farm (now part of Northcourt)

 23 November 2001



 Land at Nettlestone (north of Longlands Copse)

 11 August 2001



 Little Atherfield Farm, Shorwell

 19 May 2000



 Bowcombe Estate

 11 November 1999



 Great Park Farm, Newport

 30 May 1999



 Godshill Park Farm

 08 May 1999



 Thorley Manor Farm & Kings Manor, Freshwater / Yarmouth

 20 April 1994 



 Land off Perowne Way, Sandown

 22 February 1999



 Downcourt Farm, Whitwell

 17 April 1998



 Land at Marsh Road, Gurnard

 27 May 1997



 Thorncross Farm, Brighstone

 11 June 1997



 Land at and surrounding Scotland Farm, Godshill

 13 May 1996



 Land surrounding Merrie Gardens Farm, Bigbury Farm, Batchelors Farm, Rill Farm, Corve Farm Chale, Rookley Green and land at Billingham

 09 November 1995



 Eades Farm, Newbridge

 19 June1995



 Harbour Farm, Bembridge

 02 October 1992



 Brighstone Forest

 13 January 1994



 Moor Farm, Godshill

 28 June 1993



 Land at and near Ashengrove Farm, Calbourne

 28 January 1993



 Roadway adjacent to Fishbourne ferry terminal

 24 February 1992



 Briddlesford Estate, inc  Fernhill & Littletown

 03 June 1992



 Path at Rew Down, Ventnor

 04 April 1992



 Randalls Passage, 32 High street, Ventnor

 12 March 1992



 Land adjacent to N218 and Medina Link Road

 23 March 1989



Modification Order Applications and Register

A Modification Order changes the Definitive Map and Statement in one or more of the following ways:

  • By adding a footpath or bridleway (public path) or a byway not previously recorded on the Map and Statement.
  • By deleting a public path or byway previously shown on the Map and Statement.
  • By altering the status of a recorded path or byway (e.g. by upgrading a footpath to a bridleway).
  • By amending the details of position or width of a path or byway which are recorded in the Statement.      

An application can be made to the Council for a Definitive Map Modification Order and provided it is correctly made and supported with sufficient evidence, the Council has a legal duty to investigate and decide whether a Modification Order should be made. The whole basis for making Definitive Map Modification Orders hinges on there being sufficient evidence that the Definitive Map and Statement is incorrect and needs to be modified. It is essential to realise that no matter how desirable a change or modification may be, the Council cannot make an order as applied for unless there is sufficient evidence.  If you wish to make an application then please contact the Rights of Way department and request an application pack which will provide full details of the procedure and include the necessary application forms.

Pursuant to the Countryside and Rights of Way Act 2000, the Council is required to keep a Register of Applications made under Section 53(5) of the Wildlife & Countryside Act 1981 and to make it available for public viewing. 

View the Modification Register