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Service Update:

Please use the online forms to book waste services available from the ‘Do It Online’ tab above.

Alternatively, if you have a waste query please complete the ‘Send a Message’ form available from the Contact tab above.

Non-Self Treating Patients at Home

If you are being treated at home by a health care professional, you are not classed as self-treating.  Your health care professional will take the clinical waste with them for disposal.

Self-Treating Patients at Home

If you treat yourself at home and are a NHS patient that is not regularly receiving treatment in the home from a health care professional, you are classed as a self-treating patient.   The collection of clinical waste from self-treating patients will now be undertaken by our waste contractor (Amey) on behalf of the Isle of Wight Council.

Infectious Clinical Waste (self-treating patients)

Items of clinical waste with a particular risk of infection, as identified by a healthcare professional, will be collected in orange bags. If you are producing infectious clinical waste and are self-treating please ask your healthcare provider to fill in a referral form on your behalf to be returned to the Council.  When this has been received and processed, you will be contacted by our waste contractor (Amey) to confirm arrangements for collection.

Non-infectious Clinical Waste (self-treating patients)

If no particular risk of infection has been identified, then items of waste including nappies, incontinence pads, catheter/stoma bags, wound dressings, fluid bags and tubing, including blood soiled items, should be disposed of with your rubbish waste (black bin / black gull-proof sack).  This will be collected as part of your usual fortnightly rubbish waste collection.  For more information on waste collection, please click here.

If you have more than two bags a week of the type of waste described above, then consideration will be given to more frequent collections.

To discuss your eligibility for a clinical waste collection, please get in touch by using the 'Contact' tab above where you can send us an email by clicking on the 'Send a message to service' tab or call on the telephone number provided.

Eligible residents will need to apply for this service by:

Providing their full name and address;

  1. A letter on headed paper from a medical professional (such as a GP or District Nurse) to support their application.

  2. Both should then be either handed in person or sent by post to the address found in the contact tab above.

Once you are confirmed as eligible for a clinical waste collection, appropriate containers will be provided and you will then be informed in writing of the weekday and time frame of your clinical waste collection.  Collection time frames for clinical waste collections will be either 8.00am to 12noon or 12noon to 6.00pm.

Upon collection, you will be then issued with a replacement container(s).

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