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Service Update:

Please use the online forms found in the ‘Do It Online’ tab, to book waste services .

If you have a waste query please contact us by using the online ‘'Send a message to service’ form.

Plasterboard is a hazardous substance which can cause serious health and environmental implications. It needs handling with care and to be disposed of safely.

The Isle of Wight Council does not collect plasterboard from households.

Plasterboard can only be disposed of at the Lynnbottom Recycling Centre.


You will need a permit to dispose of domestic plasterboard at Lynnbottom Recycling Centre.

Permits are restricted to 60kg free of charge per household in a 6 month period.

If you are a householder and you wish to dispose more than 60kg of asbestos there will be a charge.  View the charges on our Commercial Waste and Recycling Centre (Lynnbottom) web pages.

Apply for a permit

Complete and submit the online plasterboard disposal permit form.

The completed and submitted online form generates a unique reference number. This unique reference number is allocated to the householder.

You will need your unique reference number when disposing the plasterboard at the Lynnbottom Recycling Centre. 

You can provide the weighbridge operator with the unique reference number by:

  • Showing them a printed copy.
  • Telling them the number.
  • Showing them on your smart phone screen.


Payments at Lynbottom Recycling Centre

If you need to pay a charge for disposing plasterboard the following payment methods are accepted:

  • Credit or debit card payments.

  • Cheques are accepted. Cheques need to be made payable to ‘Amey LG Ltd’. A cheque guarantee card (i.e. a debit or credit card) will need to be shown at the time of payment.

Cash payments are not accepted at Lynnbottom Recycling Centre.


Safe Disposal

  • Sheets or off-cuts of plasterboard from domestic sources can only be disposed of in the appropriate container at Lynnbottom Recycling Centre.
  • All plasterboard must be free of any other material. 
  • Plasterboard which contains other materials will not be accepted.

Staff on site will direct you to the correct container in which deposit your domestic plasterboard.


Further Information

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