Isle of Wight Council

Business and Commercial Waste and Recycling Services

Charity Recycling and Waste

Waste and recycling produced from the day to day business functions of a charity is classified as business waste and requires a commercial waste collection service.

Charity permits for disposing of unusable and unsellable donations at the HWRCs

Unusable and unsellable donations made to charity's are classified as household waste for which a charge can be made. We recognise the important contribution these organisations make to sustainable waste management through encouraging reuse. Since donated items might otherwise have been disposed of by households, we offer a permit scheme to charity shops for the disposal of unusable and unsellable donations for free. Each charity shop is entitled to two permits per month to get rid of these items. They can be disposed of at a household waste recycling centre.

This is not as an alternative to the normal method of collection/disposal of waste generated by the charity’s day to day business. For avoidance of doubt, this does not include waste generated by:

  • the day to day business operation and administration of the charity/charity shop

  • building work or maintenance of premises

  • clearance or maintenance of grounds belonging to the charity

  • furniture or other large items from house or office clearance

  • regular meetings of groups associated with the charity, which do not have a directly charitable purpose

Terms and conditions for charity permits

The following terms and conditions apply:

  • permits are for waste produced directly from donations that are either unusable or unsellable only

  • each HWRC permit is valid for one load only (maximum acceptable vehicle size is 3.5 tonnes vehicle per permit). Two permits may be issued per month. In partnership with Amey, we reserve the right to reject any load that is deemed excessive or fails to meet the qualifying criteria

  • permits must be requested 24 hours in advance of the proposed disposal date, will not be issued more than five business days in advance, and are valid for seven days after the date of issue

  • permit numbers will be issued by the contact centre. The permit number must be quoted at the HWRC for each visit

  • copying or altering of permits numbers is not allowed.

  • permits are issued at our discretion. They may be refused if, for example, incorrect or incomplete information is supplied

  • HWRC staff have the right to refuse any load which does not meet the criteria or differs from that described on the permit

  • prior to arriving at the HWRCs all loads must be separated into the required recycling streams

How to apply

You will need to complete a for a charity permit application. The application will generate a reference number beginning iw. This is the permit reference number. You need to take this with you to your HWRC booking.

Alternatively call 01983 823777. The adviser will give you a reference number.

The reference number must be quoted at the meet and greet point to gain entrance to the HWRC.