Road Safety

Road Safety

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Service Update:

Minibus training is currently not being provided by the Isle of Wight Council.  Any updates regarding any future Minibus training provided by the Isle of Wight Council will be given via the CVDA link below.

For guidance on completing your CVDA applications please click here

Driver Training

The Road Safety Team offers driver training courses to meet the changing needs of new and experienced drivers.

The Team also delivers Driver Awareness Training Courses on behalf of Hampshire Constabulary.

These courses are offered as an alternative to prosecution for speeding offences within the lower threshold.

We genuinely believe that education is more beneficial than prosecution. Feedback from the courses shows that drivers leave with an updated knowledge of speed limits, enhanced driving skills and more importantly, fully understand the consequences of speeding.

Time and time again participants on the course have said this training should be available, and would benefit, all drivers of all ages and experience.  

Winter Driving

Before winter weather arrives, check that your vehicle:

  • Is properly maintained and serviced.
  • Tyres have plenty of tread depth and are in good condition and correctly inflated (don't forget the spare).
  • Radiator contains anti-freeze and the cooling system is free from leaks.
  • Battery is in good condition (many garages/battery suppliers will carry out this check free of charge).
  • Windscreen wipers and washers are working effectively.
  • Washer bottles are full and contain anti-freezing/cleaning additive.

Winter Driving Tips

  • Use dipped headlights in poor visibility.
  • Reduce your speed compared to 'normal' driving conditions.
  • Keep a safe stopping distance behind the vehcile in front, it takes much longer to stop in wet or icy conditions.
  • Avoid harsh braking, acceleration and steering.
  • Keep a careful watch out for other road users especially motorcyclists, pedal cyclists and young pedestrians.
  • If you get into trouble, try not to abandon your vehicle, stay with it until help arrives.
  • If you are forced to leave your vehicle make yourself visible by wearing a flourescent/reflextive tabard/jacket.

Before driving in winter weather check that:

  • All lights are clean and working properly.
  • All windows and mirrors are clean and clear from snow and ice.

Summer Driving

The Island's roads can become busy over the summer period, with horses and farm vehicles, cyclists and motorbikes, caravans and cars.

Here are some simple steps people can take to ensure they are looking out for each other:

  • Drivers should always assume that someone, or something could be around any corner.  Slow down, especially around bends and do not overtake when you cannot see what is ahead.
  • Motorists should clean windscreens regularly and keep washer fluid topped up - smears or dirst could affect your vision.
  • The sun can dazzle in the summer.  Make sure you have a pair of sunglasses handy.
  • If you are on two wheels, wear the right protective clothing and make sure you can be seen.
  • Watch out for dehydration - it can affect your concentration.  Motorcyclists are particulaly at risk due to the heavy protective clothing they wear.
  • There is no "safe" level of alcohol.  If you are planning to go out for a drink, don't drink drive.  Please find another way of getting home.
  • Cyclists and motorists - as the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents says "treat every road user as if they were a member of your family.  Much of the anotagonism between drivers and cyclists is due to misunderstanding each other's needs and actions.

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