Ryde Harbour

Also known as: Boat Berths, Boat Mooring (Ryde Harbour), Harbour

Service Description: Ryde Harbour is a small leisure harbour situated on the Esplanade, Ryde, Isle of Wight. The harbour staff and the Isle of Wight Council are committed to running a safe and environmentally-friendly harbour for its users and staff.

The harbour has provision for 100 permanent berths and up to 100 visiting boats, the majority of which are family sailing and motor cruisers varying in length from five to ten metres.

The harbour dries out completely at low water and access for a normal boat of one metre draught is about two hours either side of high water.

The harbour is within easy walking distance of the town centre and leisure facilities, such as swimming pool, bowling alley and ice rink.

Public transport to all parts of the Island, plus ferries and hovercraft to the mainland are situated to the west of the harbour.

For further information regarding environmental issues relating to Ryde Harbour please telephone or visit.