Sports Development Unit

Active travel fund (COVID-19)

The Department for Transport (DfT) has given the council £235,000 of funding for travel improvements.

The funding is to provide temporary or new infrastructure to aid social distancing. The funding came after the first COVID-19 lockdown in 2020. This includes changing road space for transport such as bikes and walking to provide cycle lanes or wider footways.

The council has received an Active Travel Fund (Tranche 2), of £235,000. This is to improve connectivity for sustainable travel. We have identified a route for improvement from our local cycling and walking infrastructure plan.

Please complete the active travel survey online: Active Travel Consultation 2021 - Isle of Wight Council Survey (

Our communications plan.

We will communicate the project in a number of ways. We want to engage local people to feedback on the proposal and explain the improvements it will bring.

Our objectives

  • raise awareness of the Active Travel Fund (ATF) and its purpose.
  • raise awareness of the proposal among the local community and key stakeholders.
  • ensure stakeholders are well-informed about the proposed scheme and its wider objectives.
  • encourage better informed decision-making.
  • involve local communities and encourage them to give feedback on our proposals.
  • give local communities a real opportunity to shape designs.
  • raise profile and use of the route for improved active travel between Ryde and Newport.
  • improve user experience of the upgraded route.

Our strategy

We will use digital channels to start a conversation about the proposed improvements.

We will collect feedback in a number of ways, including online survey and social media.

We will also work with local media, send letters to local homes and businesses along the route. We will talk to stakeholders in online meetings.

Both quantitative and qualitative feedback encouraged in order to shape proposal.

We will communicate using council channels, including social media, website, e-bulletins and press releases. We will communicate during the period of consultation and throughout the work of the project.

Our audience

Our intended audience includes the following groups:

  • Residents
  • Organisations including Newport and Carisbrooke Community Council, Shaping Newport, local businesses, Cycle Wight, the Ramblers Association, Medina College, 1Leisure, amongst others.
  • Local council and ward Members
  • MP Bob Seeley
  • 1Leisure customers
  • General public/road users.

Our key messages

Key messages from our corporate plan are:

  • People take responsibility for their own health and wellbeing.

  • Outstanding digital and transport connectivity.

  • Climate change and sustainability.

Other key messages for this project are:

  • Providing the right solutions at a time when they’re needed, to support Islanders in the best way. 
  • Bringing the community together.
  • Share details of the proposed improvements.

  • Encourage off-road travel for walking and cycling.

  • Safety information for cyclists and drivers.

  • Investment in local networks.


We will evaluate the success of the project based upon:

  • the responses received during consultation
  • the engagement and reach of our campaign
  • use of the route after it is completed against baseline data.