Swimming Pools


Being active can help you live longer and feel better.  It can improve your mood and help you sleep better.  It can help you to manage your weight and improve your balance.  Swimming does it all, it’s good for your health, it’s fun and it’s the only sport that can save your life.

Because the water takes your weight, swimming is excellent if you want low impact exercise especially if you are pregnant or have mobility problems or want to protect your joints.  Your whole body works while you are swimming so it is a great exercise for all over toning.  Your heart, circulation and lungs benefit too from swimming with your heart pumping blood hard to your arms and legs which helps circulation.  If you swim lengths, you breathe in a deep and rhythmic way, giving your lungs a boost.

Remember to start slowly though and build up your lengths.  If you have any concerns or existing medical problems, you might want to check with your GP first.

To view the latest pool programmes and learn more about the swimming pools at our leisure centres please visit 1Leisure website.