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The Tale of Two Shipwrecks - an Online Exhibition

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For thousands of years the seas around the island’s coast have been navigated by ships of all sizes and nationalities. Inevitably many ships have been lost and more than 4,000 shipwreck sites appear on the Admiralty's charts.

The island’s 60 miles (97 kilometres) of coastline is generally peaceful and calm but sudden storms and fog have caught many ships unaware. This exhibition tells the story of two of these shipwrecks. The Yarmouth Roads wreck and HMS Pomone.

The Yarmouth Roads Wreck

The wreck site and the Spanish carrack

The 16th century bronze gun

Finds from the Yarmouth Roads Wreck site

HMS Pomone and The Needles

HMS Pomone - The ship and the striking of Goose Rock

Discovering the wreck

More information - The Captain, The Needles and the lighthouses

HMS Pomone - The Finds

The ship's structure

Life on board

Navigation and weapons

Activity page - Fun things to do

Underwater Exploration