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The photographs of James Dore

Holidaymakers on a beach at Sandown.  1890-1914

James Dore 1854-1925


James Dore (PDF, 0.99MB, 4 pages) ran his jewellery business at 27, High Street, Sandown.  He built up the shop’s photographic department and achieved a high standard exhibiting and selling his work.

The Isle of Wight Heritage service holds a collection of over 600 glass negatives and lantern slides of Dore’s work of which more than 200 can be seen here.

A member of the town’s Fire Brigade, he photographed the services (PDF, 1.18MB, 5 pages) and military life (PDF, 1.77MB, 8 pages) on the Island.

He took photographs around the coast (PDF, 1.98MB, 9 pages) of the Island, including

He photographed many rural scenes (PDF, 1.98MB, 8 pages) portraying

Images show towns and villages (PDF, 1.98MB, 11 pages) and buildings (PDF, 1.98MB, 11 pages) from around the Island.

Dore often include people (PDF, 1.87MB, 6 pages) in his photographs and recorded Queen Victoria’s  funeral procession (PDF, 1.05MB, 4 pages) passing through East Cowes in February 1901.

He even photographed elephants (PDF, 408KB, 2 pages) in Sandown.