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There are two ways to learn a language online with Isle of Wight Libraries. The first is through Transparent Language Online;  information on this service is explained on this web page.

The second is by selecting a course from our eAudiobook range provided via the following link on the RBDigital website, you will need to use the search term of Pimsleur in Quick search facility or select "language" in the drop down browse box.

Welcome to Transparent Language Online

The Isle of Wight Libraries Service provides a service that allows registered library users to learn over 80 languages online including English for foreign learners.

To use this service for the first time you will need to create your own account on the Transparent Language website. You do this by completing the following steps:

  • Click here  to visit the website and enter your library card number.
  • Click on the 'Sign Up Now' button. You will be asked to create a logon name and password for yourself and will then be able to start your first lesson.
  • Once you have registered you can use the service by going directly to  the Transparent Language website,  by clicking here and logging in with the account details you have created.

You’ll soon be speaking the language of your choice!

About Transparent Language Online

Transparent Language Online is a unique application that bridges the gap between learning a language online and using that language in the real world by allowing users to do both in one program. It features a scientifically-proven methodology, a wide variety of high-quality learning material, and seamless integration of real-life language use by native speakers - all packaged together in an easy-to-use interface that can be accessed at any time and from any computer with Internet access.

What  you will find on each of the application screens

The two main screens in this application are the Learnscreen and the Explorescreen.

  • The Learnscreen holds the main learning material, organised in convenient lessons which you can access through the sidebar on the left. Just click on any heading in that sidebar, then choose a lesson to open.
  • The Explorescreen has links to some exciting resources that can help you expand your language learning. The exact list varies by language, but you may find language blogs, Facebook links, Twitter feeds, Word of the Day features, proficiency tests, mobile apps, and more.


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