Record Office

Using the Record Office

Inside the Record Office

Queen Victoria 200

To celebrate 200 years since the birth of Queen Victoria, we have scanned two documents in our collections with a royal connection.


To view a list of royal staff who received presents from the Queen on 1 January 1868 Click Here (6 pages 5.34Mb)


To view a  menu from Osborne dated 16 February 1900 Click Here (1 page 460Kb)


Planning for your visit

Please contact us with details of your enquiry using the details under the Contact button at the top of this page. This will allow us to better prepare for your visit and arrange that any material stored off site can be retrieved in time for your arrival.

You are welcome to bring laptops, mobile devices, cameras and stationery. The search room is Wi-Fi enabled. You can use your phone or camera to take copies of documents during your visit on the purchase of a Camera Licence. To protect the documents, please use a pencil. If you forget to bring one, a pencil can usually be provided.

For information for researchers with disabilities. (PDF, 326KB, 1 page)

View a list of planned closure dates for the Record Office in 2018-2019 (PDF, 339KB, 2 pages)


Getting to the Record Office

The Record Office is on Hillside in Newport, located between Fairlee Road (A3054) and the Quay. A map of the Record Office and surrounding area is available through the Contact button at the top of the page. View a set of external and internal views of the Record Office building provided on Google maps/places.  

If travelling by public transport there are bus services to Newport from the ferry terminals of Ryde, Cowes and Yarmouth. The Record Office is within ten minutes walking distance of Newport bus station.

Hillside Barrier

Please note that the barrier between Hillside and the Quay is locked at all times. Vehicle access to the Record Office is from the Fairlee Road end of Hillside only.

Arriving at the Record Office

On arriving at the Record Office you should report to the Enquiries Desk in the Search Room. You will be asked to complete a Day Ticket. These give you access to original documents at the Office for one day. You will need to give details of your name and address, but will not require proof of identification. If you have a car parked at the Record Office, you will also need a parking permit to place in your car. 

Finding Aids


A number of indexes are available in the search room to documents held at the Record Office.  For a list of indexes. (PDF, 236KB, 6 pages).


These include catalogues to estate collections, parish records, nonconformist records, records of local government, schools, hospitals and businesses.


There is a small library of reference books and published works about both the Isle of Wight and historical sources. Members of staff will be pleased to provide guidance on using the Office's facilities. Please ask if you require assistance

Requesting Documents

  • Each document has a unique reference number by which it is identified. The reference numbers are obtained from the indexes and catalogues. 

  • If you wish to see a particular document, you should write its reference number and details on a request slip, and then sign and date it. The request slips are kept on the enquiry desk. 

  • You may request up to 4 items at one time, but you should use a separate slip for each item. 

  • The completed slips should be placed in the request box on the enquiry desk.  

  • Please note that last orders for documents are 15 minutes before closing time. 

  • A member of staff will fetch the documents that you have requested, and they should be produced within 5 - 10 minutes. (Production times may be longer if the search room is particularly busy.) 

  • Please remember that each record is unique and historically precious, and should therefore be handled carefully. Use a pencil when taking notes and do not lean on the documents. 

  • Eating, Drinking & Smoking are not allowed in the Search Room. 

  • Please show consideration to other researchers by keeping as quiet as possible.


Consulting Documents

 It is advisable to record the reference numbers of any records that you consult in case you wish to refer to them again.

Returning Documents

Documents should be handed back at the Enquiry Desk. Once you have finished consulting original material, your reader's ticket will be returned.  Please ensure that you have returned the documents at least ten minutes before closing time.

To read a copy of our searchroom code of conduct click here. (PDF, 247KB, 1 page).