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Transport Policy

Island Transport Plan

Transport Infrastructure Task Force (TITF)

In November 2014, the Isle of Wight Council endorsed the need for consideration to be given to the infrastructure challenges faced by the Island. An independent Transport Infrastructure Task Force (TITF) was established in September 2016 and met for the first time. The TITF has since held a series of hearings with a wide range of agencies and interested parties; the TITF is extremely grateful to all who attended and gave evidence at the hearings.

You can view a copy of the TITF report and accompanying appendix below:

  • The report of the TITF has now been published and can be downloaded by clicking here (PDF, 2.35MB, 94 pages).
  • The appendix that accompanies the TITF report can be downloaded by clicking here (PDF, 862KB, 36 pages).

Island Transport Plan (ITP)

The Isle of Wight Local Transport Plan is called the Island Transport Plan (ITP).  Formally adopted by the Isle of Wight Council on 15 June 2011 it covers the years 2011-2038.

Compiled in accordance with government legislation and guidance, the plan is divided into two distinct elements: an area wide strategic policy (or strategy) and an implementation plan setting out how the local authority intends to deliver improvements on the ground.   The Council has also prepared a Background Paper which supports the plan.

You can view a copy of the plan and background paper below:

The Plan was subject to a number of statutory assessments which can be found here:

Access Fund for Sustainable Travel

In June 2016, the Department for Transport invited local authorities to apply for a share of £60m to deliver sustainable transport projects across three financial years commencing 1 April 2017. The funding round is called the Access Fund for Sustainable Travel.

The objectives of the Access Fund for Sustainable Travel are to:

  • support the local economy by supporting access to new and existing employment, education and training; and
  • actively promote increased levels of physical activity through walking and cycling.

The full funding guidance is available on the DfT website by clicking here.

Isle of Wight Council, in partnership with key stakeholders, has developed a £1.35m bid to the Access Fund for Sustainable Travel. The bid was submitted on 9 September 2016, with a decision anticipated in December 2016.  The bid seeks to develop sustainable transport initiatives which improve journeys to work and school, together with improved access to visitor experiences and support with travel for jobseeker and apprentices.

The full Isle of Wight Council application is available to download by clicking here (website).

The application Annex is available to download by clicking here (website).